Pechanga Resort & Casino held a grand opening celebration to mark the completion of its new East Parking Garage adjacent to the casino/resort property. The five-level, 2,400-space garage is the first phase of Pechanga’s $285 Million resort expansion to be completed. The Pechanga Development Corporation President, Edith Atwood also announced they will solar panels on the roof top starting this summer. The system will generate about 650 kilowatts, which is enough renewable energy to power approximately 100 homes.

Other Pechanga elected officials including members of the Pechanga Development Corporation and Tribal Council attended the event, along with members of the media and resort/casino leadership. Teams from McCarthy Building Companies and International Parking Design were also in attendance. 

“Completion of this garage marks an important milestone in the Pechanga resort expansion,” said Edith Atwood, president of the Pechanga Development Corporation.  “This facility replaces and adds to the parking that was displaced with the resort expansion.  This new facility is geared with the latest state-of-the art technology from way-finders to electric charging stations.”

As one of the most technologically advanced and ecologically minded casino/resorts in the country, Pechanga Resort & Casino adopts the latest-available wayfinding systems and electric vehicle charging stations inside of the new parking garage. Electronic sensors on each floor communicate available spaces to lights above each stall, and to space counter boards for greatest ease of use. These additions help cut down the time guests spend circling for available spots. Forty-four electric vehicle charging stations can be found on first floor with three of them available exclusively for Tesla vehicles. Pechanga Resort & Casino parking areas now feature a total of 57 EV charging stations. Pechanga offers 11,209 parking spaces for its resort/casino.

Pechanga and its project builder, McCarthy Building Companies, broke ground on the new garage in December 2015. The project put 400 regional construction tradesmen and women to work. Materials used in building were also sourced from Southern California. Builders poured 104,000,000 pounds of concrete into the Pechanga East Parking Garage. More than 3,200,000 pounds of reinforcing steel went into the structure, along with 173,000 lineal feet of conduit and cable wiring. It took crews 4,930 gallons of paint to beautify the exterior. The perimeter is also lined with dozens of pepper and sycamore trees and other lush foliage. 

“For a city that continues to grow and prosper, we are honored to have worked with Pechanga to enhance this community landmark,” said Robert Betz, executive vice president at McCarthy Building Companies, Inc. “Our team is proud of the collaborative efforts that went into the design and construction of the parking structure, ultimately creating a solid infrastructure with advanced technology that can improve the flow of operation and needs of Pechanga’s visitors."

Pechanga’s new parking garage features, natural-looking rock walls that tie in the décor and look of other areas of the resort, lush landscaping around its perimeter and European-style planter boxes hung from each of the five levels to face Pechanga Parkway. 

Don Marks, president of IPD, stated, “The design challenge included efficiently circulating a large number of vehicles in and out of the facility as well as providing for safe pedestrian paths to the resort. It was a pleasure working with the Pechanga Development Corporation (PDC) on the design and delivery of this important project. PDC staff provided guidance and feedback that contributed to the delivery of a successful project.” By November 2017, McCarthy plans to add a highly anticipated feature to the garage – a moving sidewalk that will shuttle guests from the casino-facing elevator bank to Pechanga’s main casino entrance. 

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