This year marks a milestone for Casino Journal’s annual Top 20 Most Innovative Gaming Technology Products Awards: the contest, in which a panel of independent judges grade the cutting-edge qualities of product entries submitted by leading gaming companies, is celebrating its 20th anniversary.

Twenty years is a particularly long life for any type of contest, and in the case of the Top 20 Most Innovative Gaming Technology Products Awards, it is a testament to its standing within the gaming space—the impartial nature of this contest still resonates among the casino supplier community, and dozens of products are entered annually with the hope of capturing a coveted Top 20 nod. This year was no different, with upwards of 50 products entered for judges to peruse, ranging from skill-style slots and card shufflers to mobile payment technologies and business intelligence systems and much, much more.

We would like to recognize and thank the judges for their valuable time and the diligence of their analysis to come up with this group of top products:

Warren Davidson, slot director, Coushatta Casino Resort;

Donne Grable, vice president, gaming operations, VCAT LLC; and

Claudia Winkler, president, G.H.I. Solutions.

The Platinum, Gold and Silver Award winners of the Top 20 Most Innovative Gaming Technology Products Awards are being announced this month and profiled in the May issue of Casino Journal.

Descriptions of the Top 20 products, written by participants and listed alphabetically by company, follow:

InfoGenesis Flex


Agilysys worked with leading gaming and resort properties to determine their requirements and expectations, and through its partnership with global technology leaders an enterprise-grade mobility solution was designed: InfoGenesis Flex.

InfoGenesis Flex is a groundbreaking mobility solution for service staff in F&B and retail environments that offers full point-of-sale (POS) functionality on a convenient, handheld device. It provides signature capture, adaptable kitchen and receipt printing for large service areas and a feature-rich mobile experience for foodservice operations. The solution is designed to keep revenue flowing and guests satisfied in the most demanding, high-volume environments, and its powerful offline capabilities ensure uninterrupted performance—even when Wi-Fi connectivity is inconsistent. Managers also have access to all InfoGenesis tools while on the floor, so they can oversee operations “on-the-go” and make service adjustments as needed.

Featuring the full functionality of Agilysys’ award-winning InfoGenesis POS software, operator benefits of the InfoGenesis Flex solution include:

Reduction of long lines and wait times: Servers are able to handle 30-50 percent more guests in the same time period than they would without the intuitive tablets, which in turn increases revenue.

Better communication with guests: The offline capabilities designed in InfoGenesis Flex offer the unique advantage of uninterrupted guest services anywhere on property.

Operational cost savings: InfoGenesis Flex tablets are the industry’s first mobile POS that stands up to the elements in some of the most challenging environments.

“Being able to bring the point-of-sale transaction to the guest instead of directing the guest to a stationary register represents a major step forward in guest service,” a judge said.

Bonus Spin


Slot operators have used bonus wheels for decades to entice play and create more excitement on the slot floor. Unfortunately, their table game focused counterparts have never had a similar option for their pits and have been left to watch the advancements of these slot wheels—and the revenue they generate—with a fair amount of envy.

But now, thanks to the introduction of AGS’ Bonus Spin technology, table game operators can finally leverage the thrill, anticipation and incremental revenue that bonus prize wheels add to the table game experience in a white-label, fully customizable format. Bonus Spin is a first-of-its kind wheel based table game progressive solution that uses built-in, light-up bet sensors, a tablet-style dealer interface and a progressive engine that’s fully customizable. Sophisticated 3D graphics and a double-sided display draw players into the game and show prizes, results and bet limits.

When a player hits a winning Bonus Spin hand, spins the wheel and it lands on a shared prize, all players who made the Bonus Spin bet will win a prize, with the winning player receiving the highest amount and the other players receiving a share. This system can also be configured to share a portion of the coin-in with the dealer.

This first-of-its-kind progressive table game technology is sure to catapult table games into new revenue arenas with its interactivity, customizable features and ease of play and operation.

“AGS’ Bonus Spin puts a new face on an old idea,” one judge said. “Table games players should enjoy the wheel feature where prizes abound.”



Inspired by the cosmos and destined for the casino floor, AGS’ Orion takes premium cabinet design to a new universe of performance, flexibility and style.

A striking ring of 498 game-controlled, full-color LED lights surround its 42-inch touchscreen LCD HD monitor, completely immersing players in excitement that appears to float off the floor. The emotive eclipse lights are capable of changing colors and patterns on each machine or across entire banks for a mesmerizing experience that correspond to each feature of the game. The latest HD audio, along with a self-contained subwoofer, amplify game play further to touch nearly every sensory element.

Fueled by an impressive mix of premium game content, Orion offers a collection of low- and high-volatility games, multi-linked progressives and incredible bonus features. PowerXStream pay evaluations, jackpot pick bonuses, volatility pickers and scatter-imitated free spins color the games with player-favorite mechanics to ensure performance goes beyond expectations.

Black glass on the button deck draws players in, and its ergonomic features and large, easy-to-use player interface keep players comfortable for longer time on device. It’s sleek, LCD button deck also allows for incredibly flexible bet configurations to match each operator’s unique needs. Stealthily engineered with an upper and lower door, easily accessible switches and internal lighting, Orion was built for exceptionally easy servicing.

“The best feature of the Orion cabinet is the stunning and unique design,” a judge said. “In order for a new game to get noticed, it has to stand out from the crowd.”

Ardent Complimentary Validation


The concept of The Ardent Complimentary Validation is simply to quantify the bartender’s perception of a patron’s play at bartop wagering devices and enable them to more accurately and efficiently comp them.

This is achieved by notifying the bartender if a patron is a potential gambler or not, and if they are playing at levels that earn complimentary beverage service…the bartender is no longer required to “guess” who is playing or not playing and how much they are playing. This notification is accomplished by specialized software and a series of bartender-facing, multi-colored LEDs on or near the gaming machine that allow the bartender or host to easily identify key wagering factors to determine the level of F&B comps allocated to that patron.  For example, at a pre-determined level, the Patron Comp Validation lights up to notify the bartender that a player is qualified to receive a comp: a blue LED means bill or ticket dollar amount is greater than a specified comp amount; a green LED denotes a qualified player with an average wager above comp level; a red LED signifies a top tier player; a red flashing LED lets the bartender know qualification about to expire; and so on.

“This product relieves the bartender from having to make tough calls on whether or not to comp drinks,” a judge said. “This product could save a lot of money for casino operators over time.”

Dragon Link


Aristocrat’s Lightning Link took the gaming industry by storm, becoming an international sensation with operator success in Australia, Asia, Europe and North and South America. Now the highly anticipated follow up has arrived: Dragon Link.

Based on the highly successful Lightning Link series, Dragon Link is a totally new multi-denomination game that targets a wide audience of players with low- and high-denomination placements. Dragon Link was specifically created to target higher-denomination areas of the floor with an independent math model that builds on Lightning Link’s success by adding $1 and $2 options.

Dragon Link combines the excitement of Lightning Link with a distinctive Asian design and new style of game play. This heavily Asian-themed product has two game titles: Happy & Prosperous and Golden Century.

Dragon Link achieves maximum floor presence with a new 360-degree sign package placed above five of Aristocrat’s widely accepted Arc Single cabinets for full performance impact.

It is important to note that Dragon Link is not simply a re-skin of the popular Lightning Link; rather, it builds on the success of the original while also adding in new, innovative game play. Additionally, Dragon Link gives operators with a heavy flow of Asian customers a product that respectfully speaks directly to the target audience.

“Aristocrat took a proven format and re-themed it with great effectiveness,” a judge noted.

Fast Cash


Fast Cash is a game-changing product because it operates in an underserved area of the market—small, rapid-hitting jackpots with meaningful wins.

Fast Cash is a new MSP link by Aristocrat’s Studio 54 that brings jackpot excitement back to the casino floor. Fast Cash is focused on delivering meaningful customer jackpots that hit much more frequently. With Fast Cash, the grand jackpot is vendor-funded, eliminating casino liability, creating a perfect situation where both players and casinos will love the opportunity to participate in rapidly hitting links at a lower price.

Everything in Fast Cash’s design is about jackpots, catering directly to jackpot-chasing customers. Fast Cash delivers fast excitement with the opportunity to win multiple simultaneous jackpots, and the game maximizes the player’s experience and anticipation as the top MSP jackpot is expected to hit two to three times a week on average. Fast Cash is a rapid hit six-level linked progressive multigame featuring four of Aristocrat’s top performing games: Buffalo Deluxe, Miss Kitty, Timber Wolf Deluxe and Wicked Winnings II.

Fast Cash features a dynamic display, placed over the top of Aristocrat’s new 27-inch Dual Screen Helix configuration. Fast Cash is launching with an LCD video wall featuring a graphics display that also intensifies as the jackpots increase.

“The best feature of Fast Cash is that the jackpots can be won at any bet level,” a judge said. “We’ve seen WAP maximum bets climb over the years until they are out of the reach of the average slot player; with Fast Cash, that problem is eliminated.”

Casino Insight


Casino Cash Trac (CCT) developed Casino Insight, a set of tools to manage the reconciliation of transactions throughout the casino operation. The product captures financial transactions in the cage and vault, and then merges data from other systems throughout the enterprise into a best-of-breed analytics tool.

CCT didn’t take the process that casinos already had set up and try to repair it. CCT worked with casinos to make things better. CCT was able to build a very smooth work-flow process around all operations. CCT’s product captures financial transactions in the cage and vault, and then merges data from all the systems throughout the enterprise. This includes CMS, F&B, banking machines (kiosks, recyclers, cash dispensers) and even promotional kiosks.

There are other products out there that can capture cage and vault transactions, however Casino Insight is the only one that takes that information all the way through accounting and combines the information with other systems. CCT has the only Casino Audit System (CAS) product in the market and is committed to providing state-of-the-art support and software to fulfill the customer’s needs. The company continues to innovate and add functionality to help casinos save money and focus on their patrons.

“There is not another product out there that does what CCT does,” a judge said. “The system by itself does not generate revenue, but the revenue it saves and the potential fraud/mistakes it catches make it a great investment.”

Jackpot Xpress


Jackpot Xpress lets casinos manage jackpot payouts more efficiently than ever before, using mobile technologies and advanced interfaces with jackpot payment terminals.

Jackpot Xpress allows slot and floor staff to securely and efficiently process and pay jackpots at the player’s gaming machine using a mobile device. The application alerts slot personnel on the casino floor when a jackpot occurs, allowing them to process the jackpot in the slot management system, gather and verify winning patron information, specify tax withholdings and distribution types and generate the necessary Internal Revenue Service (IRS) forms for patron signature at the gaming machine or from a self-service device. This product is the only jackpot payout system that allows a winner’s data to be collected at the player’s location on a mobile device, to facilitate quick payouts. All necessary paperwork is filed electronically, eliminating the need for paper documentation.

Jackpot Xpress reduces time for paying jackpots, reduces paper, automates the payout process and makes casino staff more efficient.

“This product also reduces paperwork that can bog down the processing of jackpots,” a judge said

“Customers want to be in action and the Jackpot Xpress tool has the ability to speed up jackpot payments allowing players to get back to playing,” another judge added.

Experiture Player Engagement Marketing


Experiture is the first ever multichannel marketing automation platform built specifically for casino marketers.

Casino operators have always had to grapple with using various complicated and expensive methods to reach, engage and track communications sent to their players and guests via their direct marketing efforts—until now. With Experiture’s Player Engagement Solutions, marketers can enable personalized, compelling player experiences that seamlessly connect multiple channels—allowing marketers to reach players with messaging that fosters loyalty and encourages repeat visits... without ongoing help from internal IT.

Experiture is available as self-service software, but also as a managed turnkey service for those that are new to digital and mobile marketing. The Experiture marketing software enables casino marketing teams to create and automate the delivery of messages to players and guests across multiple channels such as e-mail, mobile, social, web, direct mail and more—all from a single platform and without any special skills or training.

Experiture’s innovative technology features include multichannel messaging; a revolutionary program designer; seamless data connectivity; a unified view of the player, player lifecycle marketing; and real-time reporting and analytics.

“There are many fantastic features of Player Engagement Solutions, but the unified player view stands out,” one judge said. “Having the ability to track the engagement history for each player gives marketers a very powerful tool.”

Gamblit Poker


Gamblit Poker takes a completely innovative and modern approach on a classic casino game. With Gamblit’s cutting edge Model G interactive touch-screen surface table hardware, Gamblit Poker will unite groups of two to four players in a rapid fire, highly engaging and fun gameplay experience like never before. Players will compete in heated fast-paced rounds of poker on new revolutionary touchscreen hardware, bringing the fun and excitement of an arcade onto the casino floor with a new skill-based game.

Gamblit Poker puts a fast-paced, irresistibly fun, skill-based spin on the ubiquitous game of poker. This two/four person game makes for a highly social, head-to-head interactive table experience that can result in cash winnings. Each player starts with two cards which, as soon as the game begins, are followed by a single deck of cards shown in rapid succession in the middle of the table. Players have to quickly grab the cards they need in order to complete the best possible poker hand. The player with the best hand wins the pot.

Based on one of the most popular games of all time, Gamblit’s take on poker makes for an extremely social, interactive and competitive gaming experience that will keep players captivated as they grab and tap their way to victory.

“The competitive nature of the game among friends makes for an entertaining time for all,” a judge said. “The product is in perfect position for casinos to establish alternative revenue streams in typical non-gaming space.”

Model G


Gamblit Gaming’s Model G hardware is a revolutionary, new entertainment system set to help evolve the casino floor. It transforms a traditional casino table into a high-end modern digital experience with a variety of compelling new game content that will keep consumers entertained and engaged for hours.

Loaded with new software content, the Model G will provide players with non-stop fun through an arcade-like gaming experience. With a brand new suite of skill-based games designed just for casinos, gamers can play cooperatively or competitively with friends in groups of two to four. Every game made for the Model G is a unique wagering experience that’s easy to pick-up and a blast to play. The Model G offers a truly innovative platform for gamers to enjoy this skill-based gaming content.

The platform also offers the convenience of player amenities such as a USB charging port, purse hook and cup holder at each of the four positions, surrounding a shared, spill-proof 42-inch touchscreen.

Gamblit Gaming’s Model G will positively impact casino operators as it is a top-of-the-line revolutionary gaming platform that will help transform traditional casino floors as new skill-based games are introduced into the market. The launch of this hardware will bring an arcade-like sense of fun to gaming which will ultimately attract a broader audience to the casino floor.

“The best feature of the Gamblit Model G is the horizontal layout which allows players to face each other during game play, creating a social experience,” a judge said.

Cardless Connect


International Game Technology PLC (IGT) is leading the systems solutions transformation in the gaming industry with Cardless Connect, a revolutionary mobile payment and patron loyalty solutions technology.

The versatile technology propels casino applications to a new level of e-commerce potential, convenience and functionality that is consistent with mobile applications from some of today’s strongest consumer brands. This innovative mobile software product is modernizing the player experience and casino floor by replacing cash and paper transactions with a digital wallet that also serves as a player loyalty card. The integrated technology can be embedded into a casino’s mobile app, conveniently allowing players to access it via their smart phone.

Instead of inserting a physical card into a card reader, players simply tap their mobile device on the electronic gaming machine (EGM) to begin play. The technology enables cashless gaming and transfers between a player’s digital wallet and EGMs. Players select how much credit they wish to transfer from their player account where funds are hosted in IGT’s EZ Pay, a complete ticketing and scalable cashless systems solution. When credit is transferred using the casino mobile app, it immediately appears on the select EGM for gameplay.

Cardless Connect enables operators to redefine their payment solutions capabilities while allowing them to enhance their loyalty promotions with current players and establish relationships with new guests.

“The best feature is the ability to enable cashless gaming,” one judge said. “People are carrying less cash and are demanding more convenience… Cardless Connect will help in this regard.”



IGT’s SPHINX 4D has established a new category in gaming entertainment: through SPHINX 4D, players can now see, touch and interact with the video slot machine’s 3D graphics.

SPHINX 4D leverages unique, mid-air haptic technology to create tactile feedback for players as they reach out for the game’s 3D objects. The game’s application of gesture recognition technology enables players to manipulate, move and create new in-game graphics by moving their hands in front of the game’s lower monitor. SPHINX 4D delivers an immersive gaming experience unlike anything previously seen in gaming entertainment.

SPHINX 4D is packed with dynamic content including seven unique bonus events, compelling base game play and fun in-game opportunities for players to “draw” in-air shapes such as circles, triangles and waves to create instant in-game visual effects such as dancing reels and blooming flowers.

SPHINX 4D is housed on IGT’s new CrystalCurve TRUE 4D cabinet. The towering cabinet boasts a 32-inch touchscreen display and an impressive 50-inch ultra-HD, 4K curved upper display. The CrystalCurve TRUE 4D cabinet includes crowd detect capabilities that engage passing patrons and invite them to play the game, is equipped with a mobile device charging port, and is paired with an ergonomic, multi-media sound chair with player-adjustable settings.

“The 3D technology was a major step forward for the gaming industry and the new 4D technology is even better,” a judge said.  “IGT has really upped the ante for new and exciting games with SPHINX 4D.”

Infinity Super Skybox


Infinity Super Skybox takes Incredible Technologies’ proven Infinity Skybox, a U23 cabinet with a vertical 55-inch monitor overhead, and pushes it to the next level.

Infinity Super Skybox transforms four standard Infinity Skybox units into a shared, bank-wide display spanning across each cabinet’s 55-inch vertical monitor to create one unified overhead display—equivalent to a 123-inch screen—leveraging a groundbreaking game-to-game communication and video director technology. Infinity Super Skybox features high visual impact and a compelling digital attract mode, including an operator adjustable big win leaderboard. Operators can turn on or off a “big win leaderboard” to let their players know when big wins hit and how much they hit for—giving the player the motivation to play.

Players can see the visual impact of the Super Skybox from across the floor, in turn boosting performance numbers. Players appear to enjoy playing alongside their friends, even though the game is not technically a community game, meaning more time on device. The progressive levels are attainable, meaning players feel more inclined to increase their bet level to max. All of these metrics are valuable in the eyes of most operators.

“The Super Skybox brings an amazing visual impact to any casino floor at a very reasonable cost,” said one judge. “The Super Skybox games also have the same footprint as standard games, making them easy to place in the location of your choice.”

Beat Square


Beat Square represents one of Konami Gaming’s first skill-based concepts designed to drive new, untapped audiences to the gaming floor.

Leveraging the company’s expertise in consumer arcade and video game entertainment, Beat Square is the industry’s first musical rhythmic dexterity skill-game. It combines video game and arcade entertainment with original for-wager mathematics in order to provide casino players with skill-based gaming experience that appropriately awards top players and new players according to required regulatory standards. It supports complex levels of engagement for recurrent play over time with championship levels and leaderboard displays. Both randomized and pure skill awards are specially engineered to deliver properties the necessary payback percentage.

Beat Square consists of an elevated dashboard game pad, featuring 16 lighted squares in a 4x4 grid. Paid games are preceded by a practice tutorial, which allows players to familiarize themselves with the dashboard interface or skip to the real game. When the player selects a song and the game begins, different squares illuminate in rhythmic patterns, which the player taps in tempo to achieve higher points and random credit awards. Tall overhead LCD displays indicate a player’s progress and upcoming motions for the song.

Players can compete with one another, as well as play against the daily and all-time leaderboards. They can be also be entered to a bonus round, for songs with possible progressive bonus awards. Top scores trigger big win celebrations, with synchronized multi-color lighting effects as animated coins burst across the screen.

“Beat Square is the best skill game I have seen thus far,” a judge said. “It’s fun, intuitive and, most importantly, sticky to the player.”

SYNKROS Dashboards


SYNKROS Dashboards are the industry’s latest and most intuitive visualization and business intelligence tool, delivering actionable data to casino operators to leverage all performance measures to the fullest. This empowers properties with critical insights to drive revenues and optimize business spend by unlocking the value of the data in Konami’s SYNKROS casino management system.

Developed seamlessly for Konami’s SYNKROS casino management system, SYNKROS Dashboards gives operators a single location to observe, test and process dozens of graphical indicators addressing all major business areas—slots, tables, marketing, cage and more. All Dashboards are available “out of the box” and engineered for immediate use as a plug-and-play business solution. Konami collaborated with top tenured casino managers and operators who understand the unique business nature of the casino environment in order to develop each dashboard from the ground up, including:

  • Player Acquisition Dashboard: Helps operators understand the dynamics and composition of their player database, with advanced varieties of detail;
  • Player Rated Summary: Gives insights into the players club segmented by tier and key performance indicators, broken down by average daily theo breaks, gender, age, frequency; and more;
  • Slot Trends and Outliers: Identifies trend analysis for EGM KPI’s, with 15 different filters such as manufacturer, hit frequency, denomination, device type, age of machine, player activity and more; and
  • Bank 30 Day Moving Average: Details the performance of a particular slot bank of machines, including the single games and multi-game themes installed over time.

“SYNKROS Dashboards have seamlessly integrated what has historically been difficult data to get from the system without a third party operator,” a judge said.

SYNKROS Offers Management


SYNKROS Offers Management allows properties to offer a lifecycle of loyalty awards to players with optimal convenience, accessibility, personalization and targeting.

Built seamlessly within the Advanced Incentives Bonusing Engine of Konami’s SYNKROS casino management system, Offers Management enhances the customization, tracking and reporting of loyalty awards to maximize reinvestment. In addition, Offers Management integrates touchpoints beyond the incentives engine; reaching third-party solutions through the SYNKROS Service Bus and delivering configurable outcomes for the marketing wizard and manual delivery.

The advanced functionality and integrated administrative control of SYNKROS Offers Management ensures that patrons feel connected, engaged and valued across key property touchpoints, while operators maintain full visibility to campaign effectiveness at all levels of detail. Operators hold the greatest oversight and control of loyalty incentives with a practical convenience to transform property loyalty awards from blanket promotions to a lifecycle of personalized engagement based on direct input from patrons. Because offers are based on targeted player activity, operators can optimize awards to motivate key actions and behaviors.

Offers can include comp vouchers, cashable or non-cashable free play, drawing tickets, tournament entries, bonus point, or bonus comp points, with concrete data on which offers are redeemed, by what players, through which notification method. Convenient data import functions allow operators to define offers and attach specific player segments. And campaigns are easily repurposed for future use, saving time and labor costs through single setup.

“Direct offers correctly targeted produce great results,” a judge said. “Any tool that will allow properties to tailor automated offers to specific groups is greatly appreciated.”

OfferCraft Gamification Platform


OfferCraft’s patent-pending Gamification Platform was built specifically for casinos. It allows properties of all sizes to use game-building tools to create customized marketing games that present offers in a more memorable, psychologically compelling way that entertains customers while driving more spending. These games are used by casinos all over the world across the entire enterprise: in e-mails, on social media, in direct mail, on websites, in apps, on digital signage, in kiosks, in TV and radio advertising, in online and printed ads and at events—it is a truly omni-channel solution.

OfferCraft gives casinos powerful new tools to build these completely custom gamification experiences inside and outside the property, and then deploy and optimize them from the cloud. The result: more visits, more spending and higher satisfaction. All OfferCraft marketing or employee games are built in HTML5, allowing them to be used on tablets, kiosks, POS systems, TVs, digital signage, computers and anything that runs a modern web browser. These games require no downloads or visits to an app store, just a good WiFi connection to work. OfferCraft’s Gamification Platform includes a broad game template library consisting of these HTML5 games. The library includes both games developed from scratch and games licensed from other developers and then retrofitted to become infinitely customizable using the platform.

Casino marketers and HR leaders select a game template—such as a trivia game, a racing game or a slot machine game—then swap in completely new imagery, sounds, reward math, rules, layout configurations and more to make the game look, sound and feel totally different and perfectly customized for that property.

“The OfferCraft Gamification Platform looks like a great tool to drive incremental revenue and keep guests engaged whether they are on property or not,” a judge said.

ShuffleStar Continuous Shuffler


The ShuffleStar Continuous Shuffler is the only continuous shuffler available on the market with card recognition. It incorporates two points of card recognition to detect when cards are inserted into the unit as well as dealt from the unit. This allows the shuffler to monitor cards going in and out of the unit, as well as report real-time card inventory. Additionally, the ShuffleStar is the first continuous shuffler to detect card feeding errors and reject cards that are being fed incorrectly.

Featuring an enlarged deck capacity of up to eight decks, the ShuffleStar provides casino operators with ultimate deck integrity and uninterrupted play, without downtime for loading a shoe or shuffling cards. The flush mount, low-profile design for improved ergonomics greatly enhances the dealer experience by improving lines of sight, and reducing fatigue and strain. The ShuffleStar ultimately enhances game security while promoting game efficiency and productivity.

The ShuffleStar Continuous Shuffler allows cards to be continuously dealt from the shoe portion of the unit, and returned to the shuffling portion of the unit in an uninterrupted cycle. This method eliminates card counting and tracking, and increases hands per hour by up to 20 percent.

“The ShuffleStar Continuous Shuffler looks like a great evolution of prior Scientific Games automatic shuffler products,” a judge said.

TwinStar J43


The TwinStar J43 from Scientific games is the newest member of the highly-successful and versatile TwinStar family of interactive game cabinets and continues the TwinStar legacy of taking player attraction and innovation to new levels.

The J43 cabinet offers features that are firsts for the industry, and as a whole represents a new standard in versatility, serviceability and player attraction and engagement. Scientific Games is particularly proud of the fact that the TwinStar J43 was the first for sale cabinet with a 4K monitor. It also has the industry’s first main door vertical hinging system that eliminates the need for gas struts, allowing for easier access when service is required.

Other features that make J43 one of the most innovative and interactive cabinets on the market include: a 43-inch J curve monitor for improved player viewing; stunning 4K monitor resolution for eye-popping game graphics; dual-core Intel processor with Hyper-Threading results in 90 percent improved processing power; an ATI E8870 graphics processor that results in 170 percent improvement in 3D graphics power; a 22-inch digital topper with 1080p resolution and high brightness; Super Candle technology that provides custom lighting sequences that stand out on busy casino floors; enhanced lighting package with animated attraction sequences; vertical door hinging for easy opening and service; a 150 percent larger iDeck for enhanced player interaction; multichannel custom sound package with a 5.25-inch sub-woofer; a combined bill-in and ticket-out path that simplify player interaction; and an USB power plug for charging mobile devices.

“Scientific Games has been at the forefront of innovative and effective slot cabinet design and the J43 continues this trend,” a judge said “The J43 is a bright and dynamic slot cabinet with incredible graphics.