has captured the current state of the rapidly evolving legal online gambling industry with its newly released white paper entitled, "Online Gambling and Sports Betting in America: The 2017 Landscape." In the report, PlayUSA analysts take a critical look at seven emerging gambling products — online gambling, daily fantasy sports, online skill gambling, online lotteries, social casinos and online horse betting. In doing so, PlayUSA offers a snapshot of the present and future of the U.S. gambling industry.

In all, 44 states legally allow some form of online betting, and 26 states are currently considering bills to expand online gambling.

The study details the widely varying positions of significant stakeholders — from federal and state governments to commercial casinos — to paint a clear picture of the hurdles to progress. The report also crystallizes the significance of what is at stake.

"Yes votes in New York, Pennsylvania, Michigan and Massachusetts would have nothing less than a transformative impact on the U.S. online gambling industry," said Robert DellaFave, the senior analyst for PlayUSA who authored the report. "With a few sweeping pen strokes, a $250 million per year industry would metamorphose into one with billion-dollar potential."

Some states are mulling progress on multiple fronts, showing how critical a time this is for the legalized online gambling industry.

"Unsurprisingly, many of the same states that have either legalized or are considering online gambling, including New Jersey, Massachusetts and Pennsylvania, are taking a hard look at the merits of an online lottery rollout," DellaFave said.

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