Unisys Corporation recently announced it will provide a digital government solution to enable the Michigan Gaming Control Board (MGCB) to more easily and effectively access information needed to license and regulate gaming activities in the state. 

The MGCB serves the citizens of Michigan by performing licensing, regulation and oversight activities for casinos, horse racing and "millionaire party" charitable gaming. Under the five-year, multimillion dollar contract, Unisys will create a modern, collaborative operating environment that digitizes the MGCB's records and documents. As a result, MGCB employees will more easily locate and share, both internally and with the public, information needed to oversee gaming in the state. The new solution will replace numerous disparate, legacy systems.

Residing in the Microsoft Azure government cloud, the Unisys solution includes Unisys InfoImage enterprise content management software to enable MGCB employees to capture, manage, store and easily access any content required for cases, inquiries and process-centric work, regardless of data structure or document origination. It also includes AMANDA case management and compliance software from CSDC Systems. Unisys will customize the software to support a broad variety of activities associated with licensing and regulating casinos, horse racing and charitable "millionaire party" gaming events. 

The solution's optical character recognition capabilities will allow users to photograph documents with mobile phones and deliver them into the case management systems, making the information immediately available in a digital format. 

"Unisys looks forward to helping the State of Michigan more easily oversee and regulate gaming to protect the security of all participants as well as revenues," said Mark Forman, global head, vice president and general manager for public sector at Unisys. "Our experience and success in providing digital solutions for government will help the Michigan Gaming Control Board streamline processes and improve customer service, while cutting the costs and paperwork burdens of maintaining numerous, disparate legacy systems."

"The MGCB has worked diligently to improve internal processes, but multiple legacy systems limit our progress," said Richard Kalm, MGCB executive director. "The new information management system will enable our agency to make many more process and customer service improvements. This is great news for the gaming and horse racing businesses and charities we license and regulate and the citizens of Michigan we are sworn to protect."