The innovative Sphinx 4D slot concept from International Game Technology PLC (IGT) was the top vote getter in this year’s Casino Journal’s annual Top 20 Most Innovative Gaming Technology Products Awards, outpacing Incredible Technologies’ Infinity Super Skybox to receive the contest’s coveted Platinum Award. 

The Gold Award was awarded to the aforementioned Infinity Super Skybox, the latest iteration of Incredible Technologies’ popular Infinity Skybox slot display technology. The contest’s Silver Award was given the Aristocrat Technologies and its Fast Cash jackpot link product.

The Platinum, Gold and Silver winners received the three highest scores of 50 submitted products in the annual contest, which was judged by Warren Davidson, slot director, Coushatta Casino Resort; Donne Grable, vice president, gaming operations, VCAT LLC; and Claudia Winkler, president, G.H.I. Solutions.

The full Top 20 list of designated products was announced in March and written up in the April issue of Casino Journal; a recap description of the winning entries is provided below:



IGT’s SPHINX 4D has established a new category in gaming entertainment: through SPHINX 4D, players can now see, touch and interact with the video slot machine’s 3D graphics.

SPHINX 4D leverages unique, midair haptic technology to create tactile feedback for players as they reach out for the game’s 3D objects. The game’s application of gesture recognition technology enables players to manipulate, move and create new in-game graphics by moving their hands in front of the game’s lower monitor. SPHINX 4D delivers an immersive gaming experience unlike anything previously seen in gaming entertainment.

SPHINX 4D is packed with dynamic content including seven unique bonus events, compelling base game play and fun in-game opportunities for players to “draw” in-air shapes such as circles, triangles and waves to create instant in-game visual effects such as dancing reels and blooming flowers.

SPHINX 4D is housed on IGT’s new CrystalCurve TRUE 4D cabinet. The towering cabinet boasts a 32-inch touchscreen display and an impressive 50-inch ultra-HD, 4K curved upper display.

The CrystalCurve TRUE 4D cabinet includes crowd detect capabilities that engage passing patrons and invite them to play the game, is equipped with a mobile device charging port, and is paired with an ergonomic, multimedia sound chair with player-adjustable settings.

“The 3D technology was a major step forward for the gaming industry and the new 4D technology is even better,” a judge said. “IGT has really upped the ante for new and exciting games with SPHINX 4D.”


Infinity Super Skybox from INCREDIBLE TECHNOLOGIES

Infinity Super Skybox takes Incredible Technologies’ proven Infinity Skybox, a U23 cabinet with a vertical 55-inch monitor overhead, and pushes it to the next level.

Infinity Super Skybox transforms four standard Infinity Skybox units into a shared, bank-wide display spanning across each cabinet’s 55-inch vertical monitor to create one unified overhead display— equivalent to a 123-inch screen—leveraging a groundbreaking game-to-game communication and video director technology. Infinity Super Skybox features high visual impact and a compelling digital attract mode, including an operator adjustable big win leaderboard. Operators can turn on or off a “big win leaderboard” to let their players know when big wins hit and how much they hit for—giving the player the motivation to play. Players can see the visual impact of the Super Skybox from across the floor , in turn boosting performance numbers.

Players appear to enjoy playing alongside their friends, even though the game is not technically a community game, meaning more time on device. The progressive levels are attainable, meaning players feel more inclined to increase their bet level to max. All of these metrics are valuable in the eyes of most operators.

“The Super Skybox brings an amazing visual impact to any casino floor t a very reasonable cost,” said one judge. “The Super Skybox games also have the same footprint as standard games, making them easy to place in the location of your choice.”



Fast Cash is a game-changing product because it operates in an underserved area of the market—small, rapid-hitting jackpots with meaningful wins.

Fast Cash is a new MSP link by Aristocrat’s Studio 54 that brings jackpot excitement back to the casino floor. Fast Cash is focused on delivering meaningful customer jackpots that hit much more frequently. With Fast Cash, the grand jackpot is vendor-funded, eliminating casino liability, creating a perfect situation where both players and casinos will love the opportunity to participate in rapidly hitting links at a lower price.

Everything in Fast Cash’s design is about jackpots, catering directly to jackpot-chasing customers. Fast Cash delivers fast excitement with the opportunity to win multiple simultaneous jackpots, and the game maximizes the player’s experience and anticipation as the top MSP jackpot is expected to hit two to three times a week on average. Fast Cash is a rapid hit six-level linked progressive multigame featuring four of Aristocrat’s top performing games: Buffalo Deluxe, Miss Kitty, Timber Wolf Deluxe and Wicked Winnings II. Fast Cash features a dynamic display, placed over the top of Aristocrat’s new 27-inch Dual Screen Helix configuration.

Fast Cash is launching with an LCD video wall featuring a graphics display that also intensifies as the jackpots increase.

“The best feature of Fast Cash is that the jackpots can be won at any bet level,” a judge said. “We’ve seen WAP maximum bets climb over the years until they are out of the reach of the average slot player; with Fast Cash, that problem is eliminated.”

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