Located in downtown Detroit’s historic Greektown Entertainment District, Greektown Casino-Hotel (Greektown), a JACK Entertainment portfolio property, is one of three casino resort hotels in the downtown Detroit area. The property features approximately 2,800 gaming machines, 61 table games, a renovated poker room, three restaurants, five quick-serve food outlets, three bars and a coffee shop. In addition, the urban casino boasts a AAA Four Diamond 400-room, luxury high-rise hotel with 10,000 square feet of meeting space. The property employs approximately 1,800 team members and has partnered with nearly 20 local restaurants to offer fine dining rewards to guests.

Greektown recently introduced Synergy Table Games, a customized version of Interblock’s Pulse Arena offering an immersive arena-style experience that combines high-energy dealer entertainment, live DJs, pulsating lights and music, social interaction and giant video displays for a revolutionary approach to gaming. The first of its kind in the world, Synergy offers four different electronic game options: blackjack, roulette, craps and baccarat.

Synergy Table Games has become quite the attraction for interactive gamers, casino lovers, or anyone looking for a social night out in the city. Casino Journal’s Associate Editor Joan Mantini headed to Detroit to talk with Jason Gregorec, CEO and general manager of Greektown Casino-Hotel to discuss what this new interactive game is all about.  Below are excerpts from the conversation.

 Synergy Table Games is Greektown’s version of Interblock’s Pulse Arena.  Can you tell me how Greektown came up with the name Synergy Table Games?

Gregorec: We really wanted to capture the true essence of this game… traditionally, ETGs do not have a dealer, but Synergy is really dealer assisted, so players still get the feel and the excitement of having a real person. We felt Synergy would really embrace the connection of the electronic and the live dealer games; so the traditional table games player would still want to play because they have a live dealer with real cards, a real roulette ball and table and a great synergy of the two. It really opens up your audience for your traditional table games player and your live table player.

Since integrating Synergy Table Games onto the gaming floor, have you noticed it has been popular with the guests?

Gregorec: Absolutely. People that maybe might be a little new to the table games are sometimes a little intimidated playing with another player on the same table.  Here they have their own terminal, but they also have the excitement of the dealer. It has been really popular and has actually exceeded our expectations because of the energy that it brings. You have live dealers, but then on the weekends and some evenings, we also have a live DJ, so it really brings up the energy level and people are enjoying themselves.  They are gaming, but they are really having fun with interacting with the dealer.  And because it is electronic, the dealers can really have more fun interacting with the guests instead of the game protection, the buy-ins and the payouts.  They are really just hitting a button to progress the game and they are more interested in the guests and it really creates a great atmosphere.

From a demographics perspective, what do you see with this game?

Gregorec: It is everybody. During the daytime, we have some of the older clients that are both male and female. As it gets a little later, when the DJ comes on and the music comes on, then we have a little bit of a younger demographic. But it really attacks all ages and all demographics.

Some upgrades have been recently done. Can you tell me about some of the things that have been upgraded?

Gregorec: Being one of the first to offer this set-up with the dealer assist, we were able to identify a bunch of improvements and advancements. We had a list of over 80 different changes in all. Probably the most significant is that we now have a tournament mode where we can actually train players. If someone wants to just come in and play for free credits, they can play for free credits. 

We also have additional side bets on craps and blackjack, we have the messaging feature and they [Interblock] are also making it more user friendly as well. As we use the product we are learning, and they [Interblock] are quick to make the response.

Does JACK Entertainment plan to bring Synergy Table Games to their other venues?

Gregorec: Right now it is approved in Michigan and its doing extremely well.  We are looking very hard at it right now to bring this level of excitement into Ohio as well.  We want to be the most innovative and fun-spirited casino in the industry.

To view the onsite edited video interview and product demonstration highlighting some of the Synergy Table Games features, visit www.casinojournal.com/videos, and view our latest Casino Journal on the Road video.