The new Elevate solution, engages with an audience by enticing them to lift or elevate an item or product from a weight/scale sensor with an illuminated platform that triggers and displays relevant video content to create an interactive playground.

The five new solution revelations revolve around technologies that a VP71XD digital signage player becomes an interactive player by adding on any of the new five peripherals. These solutions provide the audience the option to trigger engaging content in five new ways: Push, Move, Sense, Wave and Elevate.

The new Elevate solution is receiving an overwhelmingly positive response for it's revolutionary ability to trigger content in an entirely new way. By using illuminated lift-off platforms and weight/scale sensors, users “elevate” a product or item to launch relevant content. Push triggers content using new LED buttons, available in an array of colors sizes and text. Users will now be able to trigger content with a simple push of a button.

The wave solution creates an interactive display with the slight hand motion near a proximity sensor. The waving motion allows users to trigger content in a fun and high-tech new way. 

With the Move solution, users trigger content through a motion sensor that detects human movement from as close as 1 foot away or as far as 21 feet away. The Move function can be customized for triggering various content.

The sense solution is unique because it detects human distance from a display or area. Essentially it creates an active beam so that you may play content to lure someone to a display, increase dwell time and display an exit message when they leave the beam area.