Pack up the family truckster and hit the road, and head off to Walley World in this new, highly entertaining game. National Lampoon’s Vacation features the comical characters and hilarious footage from the comedy about the classic American family road trip. The game is showcased on the captivating GAMEFIELD xD featuring a slanted 42” play screen, a 42” landscape display and an exciting wheel feature.

Included in this game are a host of comical and engaging game features such as a wheel bonus which awards credits, a 2x multiplier or sends the player on an adventure into the Walley World free spins feature or the Griswold family vacation bonus. The vacation bonus awards credit prizes or the opportunity to play one of six bonus games, such as the vibrating bed bonus, skinny dipping bonus, jump the rail bonus and the auto bonus, all based on signature funny scenes in the movie.