The gaming exhibition in Lima, Peru is among the highlights of the mid-year period in the industry, given the impact it has not only on Peruvian market, but much wider in the region. The gaming market is among the most important in Latin America with avid players, that appreciate quality, avantgarde gaming products. The demand in the region is very specific and that’s why Alfastreet is bringing its Lucky 8 electronic roulette machine that combines all the features of an Alfastreet Roulette with a fresh, compact and rational styling which provides significant space and economic savings compared to the standard R8. The roulette can be equipped with all the latest updates and custom designed signage superstructure.

Alfastreet will also be displaying a second machine that it considers even more spectacular, the unique Royal Derby, which has already made its mark on the market and is reported to be among the most requested gaming machines in the region. The mechanical horse-racing machine is gathering it’s own fan base among the gamblers and it’s bound to wide spread in the country’s casinos. The unit comes with the company’s state of the art single terminals, providing a level of luxury, ergonomics and comfort to the player.