MARKETINGbuks recently announced they have entered into a marketing services agreement with Blackwrist Interactive. MARKETINGbuks will lead the communications strategies intended to increase consumer awareness, and sales of CENNIX Compliance and Audit Automation and TrackJAR Employee Interaction Management software. Creative communications and advertising, including digital and social media initiatives, will jump start the process.

CENNIX is a new tool for casino operators that manages the compliance requirements imposed by gaming regulators. CENNIX is a cloud-based solution that streamlines the implementation process and enables distribution, compilation, and management of multi-department communications. It also tracks out-of-date responses to Minimum Internal Controls (MIC) and allows clients to create custom controls that can be managed separately from gaming controls, adding tremendous value for organizations who have compliance needs through the enterprise.

TrackJAR is an Employee Interaction Management System consisting of a comprehensive set of tools that help manage the relationship between employees and your company. Since TrackJAR was built from the ground up, it is cloud-ready and self-hosting. Key features include compendium management, recruiting site, training management, certification and licensing capabilities, badging, points/disciplinary functions, application communications, employee portal and much more.

"I am thrilled to be working with Robert and appreciate his confidence in my ability to create the well-deserved awareness of the innovative software products developed by Blackwrist Interactive,” said Dave Halabuk, managing partner of MARKETINGbuks, LLC.

"Developing products that businesses can use to increase efficiency and accuracy through automation is our specialty. I am excited to be working with Dave Halabuk and his team at MARKETINGbuks to have their understanding of the casino and hospitality industry and their marketing capabilities take us to the next level," said Robert Willis, president of Blackwrist Interactive, LLC.