Throughout Marketing Results' almost 30-year history as the leading casino marketing consulting agency, the company has been on the forefront optimizing technologies to solve casino marketing challenges. The company created tools to seize all advantages within database marketing, from effective campaign management and analysis that drives game-changing decisions to communications designed to build player loyalty.

Marketing Results generated Advanced Intelligence Marketing (AIM), a casino industry-specific technology created to translate marketing knowledge into increased revenue, market share and profits. The AIM high-performance casino marketing tool gives its customers a genuine competitive edge by seamlessly integrating with any major player-tracking system to help improve direct marketing efficacy, spot trends and seize opportunities. It also enhances marketers and provides essential business analytics to allocate expenses intelligently and expand their database. AIM builds powerful player loyalty to maintain relationships between casino hosts and their customers, while improving the ease of designing and managing direct marketing campaigns. The company also works with customers beyond implementation to ensure staff fully understands how to unleash the power of AIM.

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