I should probably be the last guy writing about technology, considering I still rely on a flip phone (gasp!) and actually still prefer calling people as opposed to texting them (double gasp!).

Despite these luddite tendencies, I still think I’m pretty qualified to comment on technological innovation in the gaming space, thanks to my regular attendance at industry tradeshow events where I sit through multiple sessions on a variety of tech-oriented topics and visit booths that feature the latest product and system advances from leading industry suppliers. Even when I’m in the relative calm of the home office, I regularly wade through hundreds of new product press releases each month.  So, yes, I think I’ve earned my tech pontification stripes.

So without further ado or gilding of the lily, here are some recent technology-oriented product introductions or enhancements that may not be showy, but I believe have “legs” in the gaming industry:

Cardless Connect and PlaySpot from IGT—Cardless Connect is a mobile systems solution that can be embedded into a casino’s mobile app. It enables players to initiate patron loyalty sessions using their mobile devices and seamlessly transfer funds from their existing player accounts—eliminating the need for physical loyalty club cards and TITO tickets.  Meanwhile, PlaySpot is a mobile app which enables players to enjoy a variety of casino experiences such as live table betting on baccarat games from their mobile devices while at a casino property. The solution is compatible with IGT systems such as Cardless Connect and IGT Advantage casino management systems.

PRIZM GameTable from Scientific Games—I loved this concept when I first saw it at Scientific Games’ Empower User Conference a few years back. At its heart, PRIZM GameTable is an industry-first integration of electronic table games and slots. The pioneering social gaming table is debuting with Lighting Launch Roulette and features a 65-inch 4K display that serves as both the player interface and a table with seating for four.

CashInsite with Everi IQ from VizExplorer and Everi Holdings—VizExplorer has teamed with Everi Payments to create CashInsite with Everi IQ, a module that analyzes player financial transaction data powered by Everi to give casino marketers new insights about their players’ onsite transactions and gaming spend behavior. Using this information to understand a player’s patterns, marketers can use transactional data to target audiences with customized offers designed to increase customer spend and overall property loyalty.

SYNKROS Offers Management from Konami Gaming—Any technology that allows the customer to choose what works best for them is a winner in my book. SYNKROS Offers Management gives players the choice to select from multiple available bonus awards—such as comp vouchers, free play, drawing tickets, tournament entries and extra point prizes—and receive personalized notification across a variety of touchpoints including kiosk machines, SMS, email, direct mail and EGM displays.

Gamblit Poker from Gamblit Gaming—I like it when out-of-the-box thinking is applied to casino games. Gamblit Poker puts a fast-paced, irresistibly fun, skill-based spin on the ubiquitous game of poker. This two to four person game makes for a highly social, head-to-head interactive table experience that can result in cash winnings. Each player starts with two cards which, as soon as the game begins, are followed by a single deck of cards shown in rapid succession in the middle of the table. Players have to quickly grab the cards they need in order to complete the best possible poker hand.

That is all the innovation I have for now, but let me check my e-mail and I’m sure there will be more waiting.