It has become quite obvious that cashless gaming is growing and, truth be told, widespread adoption and acceptance may only be a few years away.  

For the time being however, ATMs are still a basic requirement for land-based gaming operations; and with new casino properties popping up all around us, the ATM business continues to thrive in the market.

“Our industry patterns follow closely with other innovative idea adoption cycles and I think it’s safe to say that until cashless is a more prevalent concept in the general retail space, and in other consumer friendly outlets, there won’t be a shift to cashless gaming in the short-term,” said Darren Simmons, senior vice president, payments solutions for Everi Payments.  “I think long-term, we may see a shift towards cashless gaming and at that point there would be less of a demand for physical ATMs, as they exist today. That said, ATMs will likely be replaced with multifunction devices, like the Everi Kiosk, that fully support the cashless environment.”

There are other reasons why ATMs remain of value on the gaming floor. For example, ATM providers have the backing of gaming regulators and responsible gaming groups who continue to promote the concept of having ATMs and other cash access options separate from a gaming machine, thereby creating a patron “cooling-off” period as they traverse to gaming floor to access more funds to gamble.

ATMs and other cash access services are also critical in driving play on the gaming floor. Cash is the most accepted currency for gaming, for both table games and slot games.  In addition, gaming locations are a bit unique from other entertainment and retail destinations in that the cash accessed through casino floor ATMs may not be devoted to gaming.  Casino operators are seeing an increase in customer spend outside of the casino, but still within their gaming enterprise, on retail, food and beverage and entertainment.

Cash access is a vital concern throughout all gaming enterprises and ATMs are in the forefront of making sure customers can easily and efficiently obtain money as needed. For this reason, ATM providers are continuously upgrading the technologies and capabilities of their devices and systems. The latest products and advancements in casino-based ATMs from some of the leading ATM suppliers are outlined below.


Everi is the combination of two business segments, Everi Games and Everi Payments. The combined company focuses on leveraging slot gaming experiences, cash access services and information, including ATM services and compliance solutions, to enhance the full enterprise value proposition to casino operators.

Everi Payments’ ATM offerings include standalone ATM devices and multifunction kiosks with fully integrated ATM functionality. The majority of Everi’s ATM installations are located throughout gaming enterprises, both on the casino floor and in non-gaming areas of the properties. 

Everi continues to be dedicated to growing their entire business, including ATMs, through product innovation as well as through added value features and functionality.  “Last year, we introduced a unique new EMV signature transaction type that is the first in the world on an ATM,” Simmons said. “As we continue on our path of innovation, we are exploring ways of enabling new payment types, like mobile and wallet functionality, through our ATM enabled kiosks.”

To date, the CXC family of devices are Everi’s bestselling kiosks that include ATM functionality. The CXC 4.0 (now available in three models: R, SR, and L) was the first multifunction ATM-enabled kiosk to feature 22-inch high definition monitors, similar to slot machines. In addition, devices in the CXC device family have a unique curved design, customizable lighting package, and a high-capacity dispenser. The CXC platform is also the first multifunction ATM-enabled kiosk to be fully EMV chip certified in the gaming industry. It supports EMV for all transaction types, including ATM cash withdrawal as well as PIN and signature cash advance.

All of Everi’s CXC kiosks are multifunctional, and include ATM capabilities. Their kiosks have additional functionality that allows patrons the ability to authorize a cash advance transaction, cash a check or donate to charity. Meanwhile, the QuikTicket feature allows patrons to buy a ticket directly at a CXC using a debit card or via an electronic check transaction.

“We are excited about introducing mobile and wallet functionality to our ATM product line which will help increase transaction speed and velocity, while shaping the future of payments in gaming,” Simmons said.


Cummins Allison is one of the leading innovators and providers of check, currency and coin handling solutions, as well as full-function ATMs. The company’s world-class sales and service network includes hundreds of local representatives in more than 50 offices in North America, six wholly-owned subsidiaries and is represented in more than 70 countries around the world.

Recently, Cummins Allison installed an E300L compact cash dispensing ATM at one of Leisure Gaming’s facilities in Reno, Nev. Leisure Gaming owns and operates six small casinos throughout Northern Nevada.

The E300L is part of Cummins Allison’s full-feature line of self-service technologies. It holds 2,000 notes per cassette and can be configured for up to three cassettes, which minimizes the need to refill the cassettes during busy gaming times. The E300L compact cash dispensing ATM is well-positioned to support gaming facilities’ needs for small, reliable and secure ATMs.


Glory Global Solutions is a global leader in secure cash management technology. Operating across the financial, retail, cash center and gaming industries, businesses in more than 100 countries rely on their solutions to enhance staff efficiency, reduce operating costs and enable a better customer experience.      

According to the latest Teller Automation and Branch Transformation report by strategic research and consulting company RBR, two-thirds (67 percent) of all teller assist units (TAUs) currently installed in the U.S. are manufactured by Glory. Furthermore, at the end of 2016, Glory accounted for 65 percent of teller cash recyclers in the U.S., the primary component of TAUs for the teller automation market.

Glory is the leading provider of teller cash recycling units in 18 countries, manufacturing a range of TAU recyclers and dispensers, including the RBG series and Vertera series cash recyclers.


DiTRONICS intuitive ATM services are provided on the Hyosung ATM hardware platform, known around the globe for its industry-leading reliability and ease of service. According to the DiTRONIC’s website, they offer complete funds access solution that includes: installation, training, processing, online reporting, technical support, maintenance and 24/7/365 support with their customer service center. ATM services are also available as a standalone service or wrapped into and all-in-one solution that allows patrons to easily initiate credit or debit POS cash advance transactions.

The company’s check cashing platform can take the risk out of check cashing services. DiTRONICS eliminated traditional paper check handling by converting paper check transactions to an electronic check (E-check). They currently accept a variety of check formats: personal, payroll and other check types that may include tribal or government checks. Also offered is real-time check cashing limit evaluations 24/7 with a rolling seven-day window, as well as electronic signature capture with ACH funding for all transactions.

Another device used by DiTRONICS is its cash advance platform which provides a fast and seamless funds access experience through credit and POS debit transactions. Players can initiate both credit and POS debit transactions on ATMs, ticket redemption kiosks or directly at the casino cage.

Recently introduced was the DFS-500 Kiosk which features exclusive patent pending technologies that offer endless configurability options with the company’s Transaction Rewards, Check Express, SMART Dispense, Currency Exchange and JACKPOT Pay options. The DFS-500 also performs standard operations such as ATM, bill break and ticket redemption.