The Casino Marketing & Technology Confernce app is live! Users can now download app from both Apple App and Google Play stores. Development atendees, exhibitors and sponsors, just click on the version link and have it download directly to your device. 

Key app features include:

  • View HDC and CMTC agendas by day
    • Includes ability to create Favorites
    • Includes Add to Calendar feature
  • Login (via Registration ID) app to view registration information
    • Once logged in, user can access My Network feature within Account scene and slide out  menu. Feature allows user to scan QR codes of other attendees and create a virtual contact list within app.
  • View conference floor plan
    • Includes ability to sort by booth # or by alpha
  • Slide out menu includes link to conference information including My Network (virtual network), Casino Journal, social media sites and list of conference Sponsors