Engaged Nation announced that it has released a groundbreaking, interactive digital football gaming promotion to casinos nationwide. Just in time for the NFL season, the unique Pro Football Pick 'Em digital promotion employs Engaged Nation's proprietary REACH (Revenue Engagement Activation Conversion Hub) consumer behavior modification and incentive psychology technology to drive customer participation in a casino's on-property promotions and products.

"This isn't your typical casino promotion wrapped in a football jersey," stated Jerry Epstein, CEO of Engaged Nation. "We strategically developed this platform to address numerous property requests for an online program that would capitalize on the tremendous consumer interest in fantasy sports-style games.  We've not only created an online product that addresses that need, we've added a highly-effective 'clicks-to-bricks' component that drives additional property visitation and consumer spend."

Pro Football Pick 'Em is fully-customizable to support existing property promotions, branding and outreach programs, or can operate as a stand-alone program.  Among the many ways the program can be configured is the highly successful "clicks-to-bricks" program which creates a continuous cycle of online-to-on-property visitation throughout the entire season. For example the program can create an online to on property revenue cycle that can continue to drive incremental visits throughout the entire season.

The program seamlessly integrates into a casino's existing website, and can be used to increase brand awareness, acquire new customer, or enhance existing customer loyalty programs. Private labeled to match existing branding and promotional elements, the program offers a unique bonus code system, prize kickers, segmented rewards and other powerful incentives. It can also be fully integrated with MGT kiosks, or implemented as a stand-alone, themed promotion.  

"Pro Football Pick 'Em is at the forefront of the digital revolution that's sweeping the gaming industry. A similar promotion that utilized our patent-pending technologies generated an impressive $2.5 million Net Theo Win, a 40% increase in visitation, and a remarkable 2000% ROI.  We're highly-optimistic that Pro Football Pick 'Em will produce similar results for our clients," said Epstein.