Gamblit Gaming recently  announced an exclusive partnership with Lima Sky, the developer behind the iconic smash hit, Doodle Jump, to gamblify the classic game and turn it into an innovative casino experience.  With more than 250 million lifetime downloads, Doodle Jump originally launched in 2009 and has been released across multiple platforms including iOS, Android, Arcades, Windows, Xbox 360 and Nintendo DS.  With major worldwide success, the Doodle Jump franchise continues to ride high with its real money version hitting casino floors in early 2018 on Gamblit’s TriStation game machine and revolutionary G-Sports  (eSports for everyone) platform. 

“There are a LOT of Doodle Jump fans here at Gamblit, and I for one have been playing it since it first landed on my phone eight years ago,” said Darion Lowenstein, chief marketing officer at Gamblit Gaming.  “Doodle Jump’s massive fan base will love to play and win money on this classic hit in a casino, and we are very proud to partner with Lima Sky!”

“We’re beyond excited to join forces with the team at Gamblit to gamblify Doodle Jump and bring one of the most iconic and beloved mobile games to the casino floor,” said Matt Turetzky, chief operating officer at Lima Sky.  “Real-money wagering will add another level of excitement and engagement while still keeping true to the core elements of the game that have made Doodle Jump such a long-standing hit among fans.”