Casino resorts continue to integrate non-gaming amenities into the enterprise mix, with the entertainment-oriented attractions often top the list. Indeed, casino resorts have found it beneficial to incorporate family friendly entertainment at resorts as an additional way to appeal to a wider demographic base.

When it comes to integrating bowling facilities into a casino environment, few companies offer more experience than Brunswick Bowling. According to the company’s website, Brunswick has mastered the most effective and efficient methods of coordinating the efforts of planners, designers, architects, contractors, installers and training professionals to bring a new bowling center development, modernization, or remodeling project to life in a timely and cost-effective manner. Dan Borgie, director of new center sales at Brunswick, recently answered some questions from Casino Journal Associate Editor Joan Mantini regarding non-gaming entertainment trends at casino resorts and how bowling can fit in. Below are some excerpts from that exchange.

Please give a brief overview of Brunswick and its involvement in the gaming industry.

Borgie: Brunswick Bowling has worked with many casino resort developers and provides a full range of services for this industry. Brunswick is the time-tested, proven provider for innovation, quality and service in bowling, providing the processes, guidance and products needed to enter the bowling business.

The power of a Brunswick partnership is found in the Brunswick Build-to-Bowl program, designed specifically for organizations that don’t have experience with planning or constructing a bowling center.

What percentage of Brunswick business is with the gaming industry? What are your future plans to grow this segment of your business?

Borgie: Brunswick continues to support and grow its presence in the gaming industry with both Native American and commercial casino properties. We continue to look for partnerships by engaging with decision makers, and influencers who have the same vision as we do. We’ve seen positive results with our existing projects and bowling is a great complement to any resort operations so the conversations have been very engaging.

Do you believe non-gaming amenities are growing at casino resorts? Why?

Borgie: Yes! Many casino resorts want to enhance their offering to attract a broader demographic, keep customers in the facility longer, create other revenue opportunities and grow their events business. In addition, many resorts are looking to offer more amenities to the tribal or local community.

What new non-gaming trends are popular in the casino industry?  How has this changed from the past?

Borgie: Consumers are looking for expanded and enhanced entertainment options that offer a comprehensive experience. This trend impacts all venues including casinos, restaurants, resorts, shopping centers and movie theaters. Bowling’s mass appeal and social nature make it a great fit for all of the businesses and create synergy with other attractions.

What products/services do you offer the gaming industry in terms of non-gaming amenities and entertainment-oriented attractions?

Borgie: Brunswick’s product line includes the industry’s most innovative and reliable bowling lanes, pinsetters, pins, masking units, furniture and scoring systems including Sync, a fully integrated scoring, marketing and center management/POS system. Brunswick also carries a full-line of bowling’s best balls, shoes, apparel and accessories.

What recent gaming related contracts/installs/agreements has your company made? 

Borgie: Harrah’s Cherokee Casino Resort in Cherokee, N.C., will open its new UltraStar Multi-tainment Center at Harrah’s Cherokee in August. The resort will deliver the ultimate bowling experience with 16 Brunswick lanes, a bar, restaurant and arcade on the first floor, and an additional eight Brunswick lanes, indoor/outdoor bar and patio on the second level.