Provista recently announced an extended partnership with the renowned Foxwoods Resort Casino. The partnership provides Foxwoods with high-quality food and supplies at low prices while driving cost savings throughout tribal and casino operations. "Our gaming and hospitality segments have grown exponentially and are the fastest growing segments outside of healthcare," said Jim Cunniff, Provista president and CEO.

"The relationship has driven significant cost savings by leveraging our collective spend while also insulating Foxwoods from product shortages and market price increases," said David Granata, chief procurement officer at Foxwoods. "The program has also produced additional efficiencies such as the collection of incentives and rebates at the time of delivery, a smaller and more strategic supply base, a reduction in delivery trucks and invoices and detailed management reports all while still providing the same highest-quality foods."

"Provista adds additional value by providing complete and total transparency into products, contracts and pricing, allowing customers to see valuable data in real time," said David Richard, senior director of program development for gaming, hospitality and entertainment at Provista.