Crane Payment Innovations (CPI) announces the recent acquisition of Microtronic AG, a world leader in closed-site, open-site and mobile payment solutions.

The acquisition strengthens Crane’s technology portfolio, adding complementary capabilities to the Crane Connectivity Solutions (CCS) electronic payment and connectivity platform.  CCS is the recently announced joint venture between CPI and its sister company Crane Merchandising Systems, who together are already experts in connectivity via Bluetooth, near-field communications (NFC), Wi-Fi and mobile wallet applications as well as tap, swipe and EMV chip technology for cards.

“As the industry’s leading expert in payment system and cash management solutions, we are committed to stay at the forefront of innovation,” said Eric Fisher, CPI president of gaming.  “The acquisition of Microtronic reinforces that commitment and will help us deliver a seamless connectivity experience to operators as new payment methods are approved for and utilized on the Gaming floor.”

“We strive to simplify connectivity technology for our customers worldwide,” said Eric Kaled, senior vice president and general manager for CCS. “And the integration of Microtronic will be a critical element in achieving this goal.  Combining Microtronic and Crane technology enables us to deliver a unified open, closed and mobile payment solution.  The result is better functionality and lowest total cost of ownership for our global customers.”