SlotGuru announced that Genting UK will start a first phase deployment of their slot game mobile application. SlotGuru is a dynamic education application that gives casino visitors vital information to help them find the slot games best suited to their gameplay styles. The application is installed
on players mobile devices and gives them access to information, including volatility levels, of over 2,600 slot games.

"Having access to this information will ensure our players can easily make effective and informed decisions as to the slots they choose to play," said Mark Sergeant, MD at Genting Casinos. "Player education is at the heart of building a responsible gaming environment, and we believe SlotGuru is the perfect tool to help our customers build the best possible engagement with slots."

There is huge annual investment on the developing of new slot games. These games are designed by the manufacturers and selected by the operators to satisfy the very specific needs of particular groups of players. However, the key game information is never shared with the player, forcing them on a cycle of trial and error to find the right games for their playing style.

"The use of mobile technology to help players better engage with Slots is a win for players, operators and manufactures alike,’ said Stuart Armstrong, director and founder of SlotGuru. "We are delighted to be partnering with a progressive and forward thinking company, such as Genting, who can see how transformative the process of educating and empowering their players can be to all concerned."

"The frustrating process of trial and error will be a thing of the past," continued Armstrong. "Players now have the information to try new games safe in the knowledge that the experience is in line with their expectations."