This year at G2E, Crane Payment Innovations (CPI) is unveiling a breakthrough set of capabilities and portfolio enhancements that will revolutionize the way operators connect with their players, their business processes and, ultimately, their revenue.

“2017 has been a transformational year for CPI,” said Eric Fisher, president of gaming.  “Not only did we launch our Crane Connectivity Solutions business, but we also grew our technology portfolio through the recent acquisition of Microtronic AG.  G2E is the perfect venue to showcase the products we have developed as well as our roadmap for the future of payments in the gaming industry.”

CPI is dedicating an entire section of its booth to innovation and connectivity.  Visitors will have the opportunity to evaluate an array of cashless and emerging payment technologies, including potential solutions for table games and real-time data delivery.

“Although the gaming industry continues to rely heavily on physical cash, the player’s wallet continues to become more diverse as technology evolves,” said Fisher.  “As new payment methods are approved for and utilized on the gaming floor, we want our customers to know that we are more than ready to assist with a powerful suite of products and services that will deliver unprecedented value to their operations.”

From its traditional product portfolio, CPI is also highlighting its SC Advance note acceptor.  SC Advance sets the gold standard for performance, reliability and total cost of ownership.  It is part of the winning SC product line, of which more than 2 million units have been sold worldwide.  It features the industry’s highest first-pass acceptance rate for valid street-grade notes – including those that are damp, dirty, crinkled or torn.  Its robust recognition system is built to effectively read the high-tech security features that are, and soon will be, introduced on new banknotes around the world.  And, its expansive memory accommodates new banknote introductions as well as new security algorithms that will protect operators against emerging criminal threats.

SC Advance is also accompanied by a growing suite of modular extensions – including EASITRAX, the industry’s smartest cashbox system that is now installed in more than 200,000 games worldwide.  EASITRAX provides the critical insight needed to drive faster, smarter and more profitable efficiencies from the gaming floor to the back room.  It works by collecting transaction and performance data directly from the note acceptor and then generating reports through its intuitive web portal.  Reports are customizable and can be used to streamline the drop process, facilitate asset evaluations, optimize asset performance and improve maintenance programs. 

Automated asset tracking through EASITRAX eliminates the need for dedicated cashboxes, helping operators reduce drop time by up to 40 percent.  As a result, it regularly delivers a return on investment in less than one year. Now, a new Maintenance Alerts feature for EASITRAX allows operators to set their ideal note acceptor performance thresholds and receive automated email notifications based upon these critical metrics.  This feature helps users save time and interpret data so problems can be identified and prevented before the even occur – further strengthening the payback associated with EASITRAX.

CPI continues to expand the EASITRAX smart cashbox system with new features and functionality not just for Casinos but also for a wider range of Gaming markets – including VLT networks and route operations.  In fact, thanks to a new set of reporting features that create efficiencies in distributed environments, EASITRAX is currently being rolled out in massive numbers to VLT operations around the world.