House Advantage LLC announced that it has ended a three-year distribution agreement with Aristocrat Technologies Inc. (ATI). House Advantage will once again directly market and sell its HALo Suite of products to the gaming industry.

“We look forward to resuming direct engagement with casino customers and continuing our position as a trusted, agnostic provider of the industry’s premium loyalty solutions,” said Jon Wolfe, CEO and founder of House Advantage.

House Advantage will exclusively provide the HALo Suite of Loyalty software solutions, strategic consulting and custom development to gaming customers that deploy any CMS, with the exception of Aristocrat Oasis 360 customers. Aristocrat will continue to exclusively provide the HALo Loyalty package to its Oasis 360 customers as Oasis Loyalty Solutions.

House Advantage will also continue to directly sell its HALo Loyalty suite of solutions outside the gaming industry, including retail, entertainment, leisure and other high-growth loyalty markets.

Additionally, House Advantage will continue to provide an open integration platform to the industry’s third-party systems providers, allowing customers to leverage the many products and features that comprise the HALo suite across a wide variety of omni-channel products and providers.