Project has expanded its portfolio with a double launch comprising Bank it alongside Multi-Poker, a high play appeal compendium featuring four of the company’s most popular and proven models.

“Bank it is a dedicated game which will enable operators to provide the very latest product to sites which have dedicated poker playing customers," said Tony Boulton, managing director. "Poker sales are at a three year high and we estimate there are in the region of 3,000 of our poker themed games out in the field and performing well, a strong sign of the enduring appeal that poker has with the player base. The Multi-Poker compendium features Free Hand Poker, Jacks or Better, Find The Lady Ultimate Gamble and Chase The Ace No Limits. These represent four proven games available in a single cabinet and is the recommended route for operators who want to provide a poker option but possibly have a limited number of positions available on their gaming floor. Multi-Poker also creates an opportunity to grow a poker following. Poker is a differentiated income stream and when this strategy is employed it grows bottom line profits by attracting new revenue as opposed to cannibalising existing spend. The fact that poker sales are at their highest level since 2014 clearly demonstrates the appetite for both new and proven poker games and the importance of poker to a segment of the AGC market that has its own characteristics and motivations.”