Data-driven marketing specialist Beehive recently announced the launch of Pulse, a revolutionary new igaming BI product that will transform the way operators analyse big data. The result of years working closely with igaming data teams around the world, Pulse puts powerful new BI tools in the hands of the operator, serving actionable and clear insights across the board. It includes dedicated dashboards for every aspect of the business: product, payments, conversion, retention and marketing activities – all off the shelf.

Pulse provides analysts with infinite drill-down capabilities, and is fully integrated into Beehive’s flagship Labs product, providing a one stop shop for all of an operator’s operational needs.

“Our partners live and breathe data, so they need intuitive and powerful tools that allow them to leverage this data to boost their bottom line," said Adi Dagan, founder and CEO of Beehive. “Beehive was founded to serve actionable and clear data to operators and bring order to big data’s chaos. Launching Pulse is the latest step on this journey and strengthens our unique product offering. We have always believed in simple, intuitive and intelligent products, and Pulse is just that. We have spent years learning what KPIs drive operators on their day-to-day, and Pulse is the result of that knowledge.”

The igaming community will get its first view of Pulse at the upcoming EiG conference in Berlin. Delegates will be introduced to its new hassle-free approach to data analysis and BI, with rich and clear data-led insights presented through a series of intuitive dashboards.