Engaged Nation recently announced that it has entered into a strategic partnership with Micro-Gaming Technologies (MGT). By fully integrating Engaged Nation's cutting-edge REACH gamification system with MGT's flagship Promotional Intelligence (MGT PROMO) kiosk software solutions, casino operators will gain new tools that boost profitability and promotional participation through targeted gamification and incentivized player rewards.

"Jerry Epstein and the team at Engaged Nation share the very values that have allowed MGT to help our customers build greater revenue," said Mark Bryant, MGT's founder and CEO. "The opportunity to partner with Engaged Nation to reach players wherever they are, is exciting and I believe it will mean greater revenue for our mutual customers."

"By joining forces with MGT, we're bridging the customer engagement gap between a casino's online presence and on-property fulfilment," said Epstein. "This synergistic approach opens a remarkable new world of digital marketing opportunities for maximizing player engagement, increasing player visitation to casino properties, forging stronger customer relationships, and driving player participation in property promotions, 24/7/365."