Casino properties across the U.S. and around the world have a problem in common—the need to quickly and accurately process large amounts of paper cash. Fortunately, a number of cash handling firms offer products and technologies designed to make currency accounting tasks less onerous and more efficient. One of the leading companies in this endeavor is Mt. Prospect, Ill.-based Cummins Allison, a leading innovator of currency, ticket and check processing technology and ATMs.

Prior to the Global Gaming Expo (G2E) last month in Las Vegas, Cummins Allison unveiled its latest product designed to make life much easier for count room personnel—the new JetScan MPX 8200 multi-pocket currency sorter. This is the company’s most advanced high-volume sorter, offering customers more productivity than ever with 30 percent more throughput than prior generations. This technologically advanced product is part of the continuing Cummins Allison mission to offer casino properties solutions that enhance operations and offer excellent value, according to press materials.

“Customers are excited about the new JetScan MPX 8200,” said Frank Janezic, executive vice president, Cummins Allison. “Test sites have told us how much they love it and have noticed the significant improvements and increased productivity. In fact, we have already received orders due to its exceptional performance.”


Innovation gives customers what they want: increased productivity that maximizes the use of soft count room personnel. With faster speeds and greater throughput, the JetScan MPX 8200 enables count rooms to be more efficient, finish drops quicker and report totals to accounting sooner.

“Our intense focus on customer needs lets us keep preferred features and add valuable new ones,” Janezic said. “Faster processing speeds, an easier, more informative user interface and a larger feeder are just a few of the new enhancements that allow customers to get the job done more effectively. All these elements at such an exceptional value create a package that really makes the JetScan MPX 8200 sorter a star.”

Features of the JetScan MPX 8200 include:

  • Faster processing speed—Scan 1,200 mixed bills or TITO tickets per minute, all in one pass, avoiding additional processing.
  • Latest technology scanning—Improved scanning technology reads bills better, reducing rejected unreadable bills by 60 percent over previous systems. It also provides users with the highest available level of counterfeit detection, using full-width magnetic, full-width infrared, advanced ultraviolet/fluorescence and proprietary detection techniques.
  • Easier jam recovery—A redesigned bill and ticket path reduces jams. When jams do occur, newly-designed touch points and intelligent onscreen instructions let operators clear the jam quickly, minimizing downtime.
  • Redesigned user interface—Operators easily learn and navigate the screens, reducing errors and training time. Real-time information lets users monitor the levels of cassettes and strapper bins, changing them before a stop condition occurs, increasing efficiency.
  • Integrated pocket modules—Two additional, easily accessible pockets can be dedicated to low-volume denominations or control documents. This allows strappers and cassettes to receive higher-volume documents, making continuous batch processing more efficient.
  • Continuous batch processing—The larger, 4,000-document feeder lets operators continuously load and process batches without the machine stopping. Bar-coded control documents separate batches and reduce errors from manually entering batch information.
  • Fitness and facing—Standard, in-line facing lets an operator face all bills. Fitness detection lets users sort out poor quality bills with tears, tape, soil or bends, leaving higher-quality bills for ATMs and kiosks. This is proven to reduce jamming.

Cummins Allison is a leading innovator and provider of currency, ticket and check handling solutions, as well as full-function ATMs. The company’s world-class sales and service network includes hundreds of local representatives in more than 50 offices in North America, six wholly-owned subsidiaries and is represented in more than 70 countries around the world.

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