Global Gaming Expo (G2E) 2017 did not disappoint.

Although held under a rather somber mood due to the events of October 1, this year’s G2E still managed to inform and educate attendees about all things gaming. This was especially true about the event’s bustling trade show floor, where national and international gaming vendors of all sizes showcased their latest products and technologies to eager casino executives.

As is usual for G2E, it was the latest slot machine games and concepts that seemed to capture the most attention, deservedly so given the wide range of trends they represented—everything from skill/arcade inspired play mechanics and cutting edge 4D and virtual reality technologies to large, attention-grabbing cabinets and the latest license-themed games based on popular shows such as Westworld and the James Bond 007 movie franchise. For more details on slot game and cabinet innovations at G2E, please see the November/December issue of Slot Management & Marketing that is included with this issue of Casino Journal.

Of course, there was plenty of non-slot game news at G2E as well, involving slot systems, analytics technology and table games, just to name a few. Below you will find brief descriptions of some of the non-game trends that caught the eyes of Casino Journal editors, and will likely impact the gaming industry in years to come:


As they casino industry evolves, operators are looking for game and casino management systems to take on more tasks in an increasingly automated and mobile fashion. Systems vendors are only too happy to grant this request, and the showfloor of G2E was loaded with next generation systems technology and adjunct offerings. One company showcasing improvements to the systems side of its business was Konami Gaming, which devoted substantial booth real estate to latest version of its award-winning SYNKROS casino management system. The updated system focused on empowering operators with greater control over how they manage their systems environment and how accurately they can pinpoint key data points, according to press materials.

New marketing features and table games enhancements were shown, including configurable comps, partial comps, side bet tracking, incremental average bet, automated decisions per hour (DPH), and more. Konami’s next generation of True-Time Windowing technology showcased portrait and HD screen compatibility, along with web services that allow operators to bring any HTML-based site or program to video slot screens for all-new marketing possibilities and player conveniences.

In terms of third party integrated solutions, SYNKROS Service Bus supports some of the industry’s most robust integration capabilities, empowering casinos with the freedom and flexibility in implementing different solutions to meet needs.

Further expanding the power of the SYNKROS marketing suite, SYNKROS Offers Management gives players the choice to select from multiple available bonus awards—such as comp vouchers, free play, drawing tickets, tournament entries, and extra point prizes—and receive personalized notification across a variety of touchpoints including kiosk machines, SMS, e-mail, direct mail and EGM displays. In addition, this enhancement gives operators the flexibility and control to maximize marketing promotions, with seamless, real-time tracking across their player base.

Everi was also extremely active when it came to showcasing systems improvements. To better create immersive gaming experiences and engaging player bonus features, Everi introduced its next-generation Nitro media system to new areas of the slot floor at G2E 2017. According to company literature, the Nitro media system helps power new visual effects and engaging game features that can be displayed bank-wide across connected top box screens as well as on overhead signs and toppers such as the company’s 65-inch, full HD overhead Foundation sign.

In addition to Nitro, Everi implemented its Everi Bet version 2.0 on a variety of new titles. The newest version of Everi Bet builds on the revolutionary original offering and allows operators to optimize their gaming floors by easily configuring enabled games while preserving hit rates and maintaining intended volatility.  Everi Bet 2.0 also include accelerated game features as the players ramp up their bets on certain new theme deployments.

The award-winning TournEvent slot tournament solution was also showcased at the Everi booth. Offering unparalleled operator flexibility and player entertainment, and powered by Nitro, TournEvent 5.0 takes the TournEvent fun to a new level with a number of administrative upgrades and exciting new out-of-revenue games.

IGT was also bullish on its systems offerings at G2E, displaying a range of solutions that enable operators to deliver delightful customer experiences, and frictionless access to funds, rewards and loyalty programs. IGT solutions such as Cardless Connect, Resort Wallet and IGT Advantage, were present and exemplified how IGT systems can help operators streamline operations, drive revenue and cultivate world-class casino-patron relationships. IGT also highlighted how its location-based marketing technology can be coupled with other IGT systems solutions to maximize ROI and cultivate personalized marketing messages.

IGT also showed Mobile Host and Mobile Responder, two mobile casino management systems solutions that enhance casino operations by enabling faster customer service while reducing machine down time. In addition to these mobile solutions on display at G2E, a robust suite of IGT Advantage systems bonuses exemplified how operators can streamline operations, drive revenue and cultivate world-class casino-patron relationships. 

When it came to tournament innovation, IGT was the only supplier that offered video, mechanical reel and video poker tournaments. At G2E, IGT customers had the opportunity to explore the capabilities of TournXtreme tournaments, experience the seamless transition from coin-in mode to tournament mode and learn more about IGT’s “Spin-Cation” event.

Scientific Games was also active in the systems space, highlighting its award-winning casino and slot management systems solutions, with a focus on mobile/cloud-based solutions developed to empower operators to stay connected to its customers and to their business, according to press materials. With Scientific Games mobile solutions, players can receive promotional offers, check their loyalty points and even play casino games on their mobile device. The cloud-based and mobile solutions enable casino management to stay close to their business, even when they are not on the floor.

Scientific Games also showcased iVIEW 4, the company’s next generation of on-device messaging technology, featuring a cutting-edge web content management solution that supports HTML5 content for more effective marketing at the point of play, while empowering a new level of player engagement with analytics, rules and scheduling features.

Aristocrat Technologies made a splash in the systems space with its enhanced Oasis 360 casino management system, which featured a new suite of products called Oasis Loyalty. This premier loyalty solution showcases Aristocrat’s customer-centric perspective, as it works to increase efficiencies across its customer’s gaming floors, according to press materials.

Aristocrat also introduced a new mobile enrollment product (EnrollMix), a new mobile slot dispatch system (FloorFocus) and continued enhancements to the ONE LINK media/progressive system.


It’s no secret that more and more gaming properties are investing in business intelligence and analytics tools to improve and streamline operations, marketing and a whole host of related business functions. For this reason, G2E has become a magnet for BI and analytics providers seeking to capture a slice of this growing market subset. VizExplorer has been a pioneer in this space, and used G2E 2017 as a backdrop to announce partnership arrangements aimed at enhancing its various product lines. The first such announcement involved a partnership with gamified marketing company Engaged Nation to jointly develop a solution to increase player engagement beyond the casino floor and deliver advanced analytical insights to casino marketers.

According to press materials, the partnership stems from a growing concern among casino operators that their marketing departments lack the tools to reach players using available digital channels, and the recognition that online brand engagement should be leveraged to grow player loyalty and drive incremental visits. Engaged Nation offers a customizable gamified marketing platform that supports e-mail, SMS/MMS, digital advertising and social media marketing, leveraging the casino website as the primary digital channel and giving casino marketers the tools to engage players online, drive property visits and increase brand loyalty and awareness.

By integrating data related to how players interact with the casino property online back into the VizExplorer platform, the solution will supply insights to the operator about their online audience to enhance their marketing campaigns and player segmentation strategies. With extensive data and deep analytics tying online activity to onsite play, marketers will be able to extend offers based on online activity to drive in-person visits and foster engagement with their brands.

“Engaged Nation has built a compelling platform that makes it easy for marketers to engage players using digital channels, and generate quantifiable results within a couple of months, said Jeffrey Hoss, vice president of business development for VizExplorer. “Layering on VizExplorer’s data-driven insights will change the game for casinos who want to engage players even after they’ve left the property.”

VizExplorer also revealed a new partnership arrangement with AXESnetwork (AXES), a global provider of cloud-based information technology, management solutions and applications, to enable delivery of its operational intelligence solutions to current AXES customers.

A Canadian company with operations in more than 40 countries, AXES offers a cutting edge, cloud-based casino management system for the global gaming and leisure industry. The partnership makes VizExplorer’s core products available in the AXES App Store, giving AXES clientele the chance to integrate the operational intelligence platform to enhance their operations. With access to VizExplorer via AXES’ information management system, casinos using the cloud-based SaaS model will reduce their investment in on-property client server hardware, and gain operational intelligence and management of multiple distributed gaming properties with a single installation.

“The amount of rich, fine-grained data that AXES has accumulated is unprecedented in the land-based gaming industry,” said Andrew Cardno, CTO and founder, VizExplorer. “VizExplorer is proud to select AXES as our partner of choice to serve gaming operators in a cloud environment.”

VizExplorer also announced it had signed an agreement with Resort Co S.A. to supply Mazagan Beach & Golf Resort, Morocco’s largest casino. VizExplorer will install floorViz, campaignViz, hostVizOps and vizMosaic at the property.  By intelligently integrating multiple data sources and overlaying sophisticated visualizations, VizExplorer will give executives an in-depth, real-time view into daily casino operations. The addition of floorViz gives the operator the power to implement smart, data-driven game change decisions to optimize its gaming floor revenues, while campaignViz enables marketing to design targeted, highly effective promotions aimed at the player segments most likely to respond. hostVizOps adds a layer of intelligence to player development, giving VIP hosts the information they need at their fingertips to respond promptly to player events as they occur.

Duetto was another analytics-based company that came to G2E with a story to tell, having previously inked a deal with Live! Casino & Hotel Maryland to implement its cloud-based Revenue Strategy solutions. Under the agreement, Duetto will provide the benefits of Open Pricing, loyalty pricing and business mix optimization for the company’s 250-room boutique Live! Lofts property, and for the flagship Live! Hotel, scheduled to open in the first quarter of 2018.

Duetto’s GameChanger application will enable Live! to manage pricing and demand for the more than 500 rooms and suites at the property, providing flexibility and versatility and enabling the property to utilize casino patron value in pricing recommendations.

“Duetto’s cloud-based Revenue Strategy solutions provide the ability to fully optimize revenue, manage distribution complexity and optimize business mix,” said Duetto CEO Patrick Bosworth. “As more hoteliers in the gaming space embrace the benefits of Open Pricing and seek deeper insights into property performance, we are excited to partner with innovative operators such as Live! Casino & Hotel Maryland.”

Duetto partners with many of the leading hotels and casino brands around the world. More than 1,500 hotels and casinos in more than 60 countries have partnered to use Duetto’s applications, including GameChanger and its Revenue Intelligence app, ScoreBoard.

Meanwhile, House Advantage (HA), an international customer loyalty marketing, strategy and technology company headquartered in Las Vegas, announced the acquisition of eTouchMenu, a pioneer in digital menu technology with clients across numerous industries and hundreds of outlets, days prior to G2E. The Minnesota-based company will be merged into the operations of HA and will be best positioned to continue its business model based on unparalleled customer service and competitive advantage for all its clients.

“We are very pleased with this strategic purchase and to bring eTouchMenu products and teams into the House Advantage family,” said Jon C. Wolfe, president and CEO of House Advantage. “eTouchMenu fits in with the HA brand and culture, and melds perfectly with our product philosophy of extending the value of our clients’ current system investments through new and innovative fully integrated solutions.”

House Advantage loyalty marketing technologies, reinforced by strategic expertise and deep industry experience, empower the world’s most successful entertainment brands to seamlessly integrate powerful new marketing strategies and tools. With House Advantage, brands increase customer engagement, generate vital business intelligence and boost per-customer share-of-wallet with seamless integration and total support for their existing systems.

Casino Data Imaging (CDI) used G2E to unveil its latest product—GlobalSuite Virtual Floor—and to display important additions to GlobalSuite slots, table games and player data modules.

“CDI has a rich history in floor view analysis and continuously advancing our products,” said George Levine, corporate spokesman, in a prepared statement. “Over the last year, extensive input and feedback from talented and experienced casino operators paved the way to GlobalSuite’s new Virtual Floor technology. By the way, GS Virtual Floor can also be offered as a standalone solution complementing a casino’s existing BI tools.”

GlobalSuite’s modeled floor is more than a map—it directly integrates reporting and game play data, according to press materials. Gaming devices can show pop-ups with historical performance along with configuration data or historical trending tables. Key metrics, like Theoretical Win, can be shown next to individual devices or aggregated for the banks. Groups of machines can be lassoed with a mouse and used to generate ad-hoc reports. Players can be analyzed by the machines or themes they play. The spectrum of tools available to users is broad and the available insight is deep.

CDI’s GlobalSuite is a friendly application that allows users to get the most out of the system in the shortest period of time. The analysis suite components include 2D/3D casino floor data visualizations, application control center and report analysis.  GlobalSuite modules include slots, table games, player data and multi-casino GS Enterprise.  

A number of slot systems suppliers also displayed business intelligence and marketing analytics adjuncts. For example, Konami is expanding the convenience, accuracy, speed and usability of business analytics with a fast, interactive new dashboard interface created seamlessly within the SYNKROS systems environment. SYNKROS Dashboards gives operators a single location to observe, test and process dozens of dashboard indicators spanning all major areas of their business, including slots, table games, player loyalty, and marketing.  Each customizable dashboard is fully interactive, with unique insights across varied levels of detail.  SYNKROS Dashboards further exemplifies the quality and reliability that SYNKROS is known for, and provides the crucial link between a casino’s core gaming system and performance visualization tool.

On a similar note, Scientific Games displayed Praxis Analytics, a groundbreaking solution that leverages predictive analytics and machine-learning external data sources to develop intelligence on casino players, and then converts the analytics into action, providing recommendations to maximize revenues from the player base.


New table game products abounded at G2E 2017, thanks in large part to a Millennial-fueled resurgence for both traditional and electronic formats of the games and operator desire to capitalize on this trend. AGS continued its unprecedented growth in this market segment by bringing the power of progressives to the table with its Stax solution. Stax adds the excitement and anticipation of must-hit-by and multi-level jackpots in a customizable, easy to install format. The genuine AGS table game product, Bonus Spin, was on display, including the newest addition to its library Bonus Spin Roulette. New specialty games, like Premium Hold’em and Dai Bacc, added even more depth the company’s blackjack, poker and baccarat derivative libraries. With its new roulette and baccarat signs, AGS has embraced the value of dynamic, interactive displays that feature animations, crisp graphics and engaging content to transform the game, attract more play and captivate players for increased profit potential.

AGS also announced that it had purchased five dynamic, new games from New-Jersey based company In Bet Gaming, three of which were on display at G2E—Super 4 Blackjack progressive game, Jackpot Blackjack game and the Royal 9 Baccarat progressive game.

Scientific Games also devoted a large patch of booth space to both traditional and electronic table game formats. One such electronic table game (ETG) product was Fusion Hybrid, which provides concurrent betting on live baccarat, roulette, sic bo and three new games: Stadium Blackjack, Stadium Three Card Poker and Casino War games. Via a one-touch tab, Fusion Hybrid enables players to access gameplay on up to four different live table games, without leaving their seats, according to press materials.

EZ Baccarat, Scientific Games’ most popular baccarat brand in the U.S. and Canada, was showcased as well. EZ Baccarat is played exactly as the traditional game but takes no commission and features the fantastical Dragon 7 and Panda 8 side bets. EZ Baccarat tables are available in over 180 casinos and card rooms worldwide.

Like AGS, Scientific Games also used G2E to announce a purchase—the acquisition of Tech Art, the gaming industry’s leading supplier of hole-card readers for blackjack. Subject to customary conditions to closing, the transaction is expected to close in the first quarter of 2018, according to a release. Terms of the transaction were not disclosed.

Tech Art will bring to Scientific Games its innovative MAXTime 4H product, a combination of a blackjack hole-card reader and a chip tray, as well as the proprietary table games Super Fun 21 and Bet the Bust. There will be an opportunity to market Tech Art’s MAXTime 4H product internationally through Scientific Games’ expansive distribution network, helping casinos across the world increase play speed and enhance the security of blackjack games.

IGT is looking to increase its footprint in the table games space, and brought its latest ETG wares to G2E. The company’s new Dynasty ETG terminal featured a landscape-oriented, 27-inch display. The new terminal supports the IGT’s entire Random Number Generator (RNG) and live content library. It delivers pristine, 4K graphics, features a mobile device charging port and will complement IGT’s existing ETG terminal offering.

IGT also revealed its expanded ETG content portfolio, which now includes (RNG) auto roulette, in addition to live Dynasty Blackjack, Dynasty Sic Bo, Dynasty Baccarat and roulette games. IGT’s new Dynasty Baccarat game enables players to choose between three different games on every live hand that is dealt, while adding to the excitement by accommodating side bets, according to product literature.

Injecting innovation into the ETG category, IGT’s Live Connect is a unique solution that enables operators to feed any live roulette and baccarat game on a casino floor to an ETG terminal. This technology enables operators to entertain more players, across more platforms without increasing operating costs. IGT’s Dynasty solutions are all compatible with IGT’s award-winning PlaySpot mobile wagering solution. Through the PlaySpot app, casino guests can place a variety of table and ETG wagers on their mobile phone from any allowed locations within a casino.

Aruze Gaming America also emphasized ETG offering at G2E, where the debut of its new concept craps table was extremely well received. This unique offering combines a dynamic, table-length LCD screen with player thrown live dice and a ticket-in/ticket-out system. Aruze also included individual LCD player stations with a similar betting style to their wildly popular Shoot to Win Craps. This highly anticipated game is expected to be launched in Q2 2018.

Continuing the theme of using technology to enhance the best aspects of traditional table games, the new Lucky Roulette features a physical wheel with printed number ring and a physical ball. This is further enhanced using projection mapping technology and a high-speed-camera assisted ball tracer. With a Jackpot Chance side bet bonus, trending number displays and the benefits of individual player stations on the new X-Station, Aruze seems poised to expand its footprint in the roulette space.

Aruze has also expanded its product lines to include RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) casino chips. Among the benefits offered by RFID chips are fraud reduction by preventing counterfeit chips, and integration with some tables to verify change and payouts.

“Customers said they could already see the impacts of the new direction on our products, many noting the marked improvement in the diversity of our product offerings over last year’s booth,” said Justin Arcemont, assistant general manager for Aruze. “It was great to see the confidence they showed in our strategy, and in the future of Aruze.”

VixExplorer threw its hat into the table games management ring with its new tableViz with ChipVue product, powered by ARB LABS and designed to provide reliable bet recognition data for advanced table game performance and player rating analysis. The new product is the result of a strategic agreement with ARB LABS. Pursuant to the agreement, VizExplorer will sell tableViz alongside turnkey white label solution ChipVue powered by ARB LABS. Complete with state-of-the-art, proprietary hardware and software components, tableViz with ChipVue will help casino operators generate slot-like analytics for popular casino table games like blackjack and baccarat, according to a press release.

ARB LABS is a hardware and software company specializing in optical recognition solutions for the gaming industry. Accurate, scalable and cost-effective, ChipVue uses proprietary optical technology to collect real-time wager information, while automatically tracking various bets made on popular table games. Captured data is recorded and can be used for player tracking and rating, side bet participation and measuring dealer performance. tableViz will provide accurate player ratings to help casino managers evaluate player worth and game performance by dealer and table, along with data about player behavior and activity to inform marketing campaigns, player development initiatives, and gaming floor changes.

Backed by ChipVue’s reliable optical data, tableViz insights can be used to properly assign player ratings, measure game and dealer performance, and even optimize staffing of the pit based on actual occupancy. The solution also generates accurate trends in the amounts bet by a player, including side wagers, opening up new possibilities for incentivizing players.

Another nascent company bringing new management technology to the table games marketplace was Shark Trap Gaming & Security Systems, which demoed new high-tech shuffling machines that will hit the market in 2018, offering a table-game platform that promises to increase productivity, reduce card costs, and attain never-before-realized levels of game protection.

Called the “Shark Trap System,” the platform features a network of super shufflers with the capability to detect marked cards, asymmetries, normal wear and tear, and much more, all in real time, according to company literature.  The technology works tirelessly and invisibly to detect everything from the tiniest of discrepancies to blatant scams with scientific precision, and all without human intervention or the need to disrupt the games.

Shark Trap Gaming & Security Systems originally collaborated with the University of Nevada, Las Vegas’s Department of Mechanical Engineering to design and build the early prototypes. 

As is the case with previous G2Es, Europe-based game suppliers displayed an array of leading-edge table game products. At G2E 2017, luxury gaming manufacturer and ETG market leader Interblock demonstrated a strong line-up of current and evolutionary new products and features designed to bring even more existing and newly carded players to the casino floor. The company’s primary goal was to revolutionize the way the industry perceives ETGs and show its customers that this gaming segment is critically important in ushering new and recurring revenue streams.

The spotlight fell on Interblock’s Stadium configurations, which demonstrated new games such as Bingo, Keno, Tournaments and a Live Craps table that allows a player to shoot real dice within a Stadium environment. This revolutionary Live Craps table creates a real and immersive experience to playing Craps live without the intimidation of other players or altering the flow of the game.

PULSE ARENA, one of the company’s fastest-growing product segments, returned to the company’s G2E booth. This elevated Stadium environment is a fully customizable multi-game arena that combines the innovation and technology of an ETG with the community environment of a standard table game. PULSE ARENA allows operators to select various gambling-enhancing themes to attract any type of player segment, whether it’s a dynamic scene, tournament functionality or a training environment for beginners.

In addition, Interblock showcased new ETG Dice concepts, which provide players with a more active role in initiating the game with its new motion-activated shooter button that enables a player to set, shake and shoot the dice.

TSCJOHNHUXLEY’s Lucky Ball Roulette made its debut at the show as the newest game in the TCSJOHNHUXLEY portfolio after an agreement was signed with Gaming Entertainment Systems (GES) to distribute its side bet system across the Americas, UK and Europe. According to press materials, Lucky Ball Roulette is a suspense building side-bet for the traditional game of Roulette. Easy to play and with no impact on the base game, players bet on any or all of the coloured Lucky Ball Roulette bet options that are each given a randomly generated number for each game. If the base Roulette games’ number matches with one of the randomly allocated coloured Lucky Ball Roulette numbers, the player wins, it’s as simple as that.

Following the launch in Asia earlier in the year, three new proprietary and side bet innovations from Crown Resorts games were introduced to the U.S. market. Nutz, Dice Duel and S7REAK, designed by CLUB Gaming Pty Ltd, a wholly owned subsidiary of Crown Resorts Limited, have all been developed and tested in-house leveraging Crown’s first-hand experience to monitor performance and effectiveness, which reduces the risk when placing new games. Alongside these was Progressive 3 Card Draw Poker which allowed visitors to experience the power of the GFL Bonusing platform. This fast-paced poker game has proved very popular with players as the dealer always qualifies, so all winning player hands pay. With the added benefit of GFL Bonsuing, players can tap into multiple jackpots that can be set to provide event-based or mystery-based payouts.

TCSJOHNHUXLEY also showed new additions to the Qorex Electronic Gaming Solutions range. Powered by the GFL Gaming module, which provides exciting live and automated game content, the ergonomically designed Qorex Terminal was launched as a smaller 23-inch cabinet in addition to the existing 27-inch version. This new 23-inch cabinet incorporates all the features of the original larger terminal, but has been designed to provide a more compact footprint—ideal when space is at a premium or there’s a restriction on the number of tables. Also, debuting in the Americas was the latest design Qorex Fixed Tablet Table, featuring integrated note acceptors and ticket printers that have been cleverly designed with interlocking modules, so they can be configured easily to fit any space or requirement. This also allows them to be easily integrated into custom furniture or bars. Displayed as a six-player unit with a built in Saturn Auto Wheel, Qorex Tablet Table features fixed tablets that incorporate the same consistent User Interface found in all Qorex products. This allows the player to navigate easily from game to game as well as transition from terminals to tablets.

Alfastreet focused on its ETG products at G2E, and displayed a brand new Multitouch roulette table—a fully automated machine that combines the experience of a live roulette table with the advantages of having an electronic setup, eliminating the necessity for additional personnel while adding to cost effectiveness and secure operation in a modern gaming venue. The product was unveiled at the ICE show earlier this year and it’s already gaining recognition on various casinos worldwide, where players appreciate the functionality and the entertainment factor. The machine at the show represented a step further, being the first of its kind to offer the possibility to operate as a fully automated or live, allowing the dealer to be able to spin the wheel manually.

Other products showcased by Alfastreet include Lucky 8, the eight-station electronic roulette, which featured a dedicated signage superstructure which adds to the player excitement. The Royal Derby horse-racing machine was presented with the best and latest in single terminal design, including two options; the WIKY has a 32-inch touchscreen monitor. The Table Top is a compact solution for alternative placement, such as bars or tight spaces, and has returned combined with a coffee table style base, emphasizing the virtually endless adaptation possibilities. The new unit has a 27-inch touchscreen as well.

Spintec celebrated a very successful debut at G2E Las Vegas, showcasing its new generation of a multigame solution Aura and a compact gaming solution branded Karma. Both solutions have a proven track record of longer gaming sessions, guaranteed through Spintec’s superior design, unbeatable comfort, attractive gaming features and user-friendly interface, according to press materials.

The core role at the booth was given to Aura gaming terminals with a standalone display wall offering live, automated and virtual games in one multigame experience. The main highlight was a cutting-edge amphitheater multigame solution offering virtual games which stood out for their feel of a live game as they offer the players the advantage to enjoy the company of an attractive croupier chosen by them. With a large screen and live footage, Spintec virtual games feel extremely realistic.

Spintec also showcased its flagship product Karma Automated Roulette, which remains the best-known solution in the company’s product portfolio. Karma Roulette, engineered and produced by Spintec, has been holding a majority share in all new automated roulette installations for the past three years in Macao.