BMM Testlabs recently announced two new senior management appointments. Marzia Turrini, former SVP, operations Europe and South America is moving to a new role as SVP, business development Europe and South America, as well as the new role for Marc Lee, former SVP, technology to SVP, operations Europe and South America.

Turrini has been with BMM since 2013. She initially started and successfully managed BMM's Italian business with additional responsibility for BMM's South American entity. Turrini's new role will involve managing the business development teams for the region. As a member of BMM's senior management for Europe and South America she will be responsible for driving continued growth through both market share gains and an expected significant increase in the number of new regulated jurisdictions.

"Marzia has a deep understanding of the culture across Europe and South America and she is a highly respected member of the gaming community,” said EVP, Europe and South America Gene Chayevsky. “Marzia's extremely high level of experience and professionalism are a true asset to BMM and our customers, and I look forward to continuing to work with her."

Lee has relocated to Europe to join BMM's European senior management team. This new role will see Lee heading BMM's service delivery teams across both Europe and South America as well as managing BMM's regional technical and jurisdictional compliance functions.

"BMM is strengthening its growing European businesses and we are very pleased to have Marc join the European and South American team. Marc has outstanding technical and interpersonal skills, and a long history in both the IT and and gaming industry, which all make him an excellent fit for this role. Marc's experience will ensure that he is an invaluable support to both our staff and clients in Europe and South America," said Chayevsky.

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