Engaged Nation recently announced that Morongo Casino, Resort & Spa will soon implement the company’s REACH 365 digital engagement system. REACH 365 provides casino operators such as Morongo Casino, Resort & Spa with cutting-edge digital marketing tools that engage with customers both online and on-property around the clock, 365 days a year.

“As a leader in the gaming industry, Morongo embraces digital innovation to nurture meaningful engagement with our guests and ensure we are providing them with the very best resort experience possible,” said Simon Farmer, executive director of marketing at Morongo. “With Engaged Nation’s state-of-the-art Reach 365 system, we will continue to stay ahead of trends and top of mind with our guests.”

Morongo Casino, Resort & Spa’s guests will soon be able to interact with the property in new and exciting ways by participating in a variety of “edutaining” online games, events, activities and promotions. Using the latest advancements in behavior modification and incentive psychology, the REACH 365 digital engagement system creates a continuous cycle of revenue-generating online-to-on-property engagement and fulfillment through the property’s website, driving increased customer visitation, revenue and brand loyalty.

“The leadership at Morongo are exciting to work with because they are so forward-thinking in their understanding that in today's hyper-competitive environment, innovative digital marketing isn't a 'nice-to-have' but a 'got-to-have,'” said Jerry Epstein, Engaged Nation CEO. "We know that our REACH gamified incentivization technology will generate significant boosts in engagement and revenue for Morongo by keeping players engaged with their brand on a daily basis.”