IWG recently announced the launch of its ground-breaking new product, Rollover Jackpots, which will offer huge prizes, starting from £10million (approximately $40.2 million) and going up to a staggering £25 million (~ $35.5 million). The insured jackpot mechanic can be applied to any IWG game and the first Rollover Jackpots game is set to be launched in Q1 by two European tier one operators. Rollover Jackpots isn’t reliant on liquidity from the partner operator, either a lottery or commercial brand.

The insurance-based solution can create larger prize pools for individual operators than what the more common networked jackpots found in online slots can provide.

“This is a really important step in the lifecycle of IWG. The growth in instant win games over the past few years has been incredible, yet Rollover Jackpots is the first product to offer such massive prizes,” said Rhydian Fisher, CEO at IWG. “Players demand huge jackpots these days, as they dream about that life-changing win, so Rollover Jackpots really provides that mass market appeal. As a brand it has huge flexibility and enables us to compile a suite of fun, entertaining and popular games with the added carrot of these giant prize pots.”