Incredible Technologies (IT) recently announced that its applications to supply slot machines to casinos in Pennsylvania and Michigan have been approved by the states’ Gaming Control Boards. IT has also been awarded a temporary license as a Gaming Vendor – Primary by the Massachusetts Gaming Commission.

IT is now licensed as a slot machine manufacturer in Pennsylvania and as a gaming-related supplier in Michigan. The licenses allow the privately held, Ill.-based game manufacturer to offer its popular Class III video slot games across the Pennsylvania and Michigan commercial markets. The temporary license in Massachusetts allows IT to operate as a licensed gaming vendor in the state until the application is fully approved. Pending Massachusetts’ full approval, the licenses mark the 28th U.S. state gaming license for IT. 

“The three licenses mark an important milestone in our business plan,” said Elaine Hodgson, IT’s president and CEO.  “We now service over 90 percent of the gaming market in the U.S. and have achieved this growth with a measured strategy backed by our products’ proven performance. These are all dynamic markets and we’re excited to earn our share of the floor.” 

Licensure in each market allows IT to submit product to each state’s respective gaming laboratories. Active installations in all markets is dependent on product approval.