Gaming Partners International (GPI) reportedly enthusiastically anticipates beginning the new year with a return to ExCel Centre in London for the highly awaited ICE show. Being a leading global supplier with an extensive suite of table game products including chips, plaques, jetons, layouts, dice and more, GPI uses the opportunity to meet with customers from around the world. The company will be showcasing its full collection of table game products with substantial emphasis on our cutting-edge currency features, range of playing cards and RFID solutions.

With comprehensive gaming currency options available, GPI delivers options to its customers including its popular BG V-Series chips.  The V-Series was developed using a new, innovative and highly durable injection material formula. The V-Series is unique in that it provides advanced design flexibility with the edge spot pattern and decal configurations alongside our available unparalleled security features. Those who order the V-Series with four or more color shots, will have included an infra-red security feature exclusive to GPI customers.

The company has also added newly developed and advanced options to its vast suite of currency security features.   BG customers can now include GPI's new Focus feature into their injection molded chips. Focus is an advanced covert security feature that will be demonstrated to select customers. In addition, BG V-Series customers can also incorporate unique Hollow Shot in their chips.  The Hollow Shot is an indentation in the chip’s outer ring and serves a dual purpose in the chip’s design and counterfeit deterrence.

Customers will be able to see firsthand demonstrations of exclusive high-frequency SMART RFID products and solutions.  SMART offers the latest advancement is casino currency RFID technology and is available on all of of the company's currency brands. When used with Casino Inventory System (CIS) software, SMART delivers a complete currency tracking and authentication solution and one of the most robust, anti-counterfeit security solutions available. GPI offers all the necessary components from SMART RFID currency, to antennas and readers. It has developed new and advanced solutions using SMART to provide customers some of the highest-level currency security options available.

GPI will also introduce a new line of premium paper playing cards under our Paulson brand, Paulson Aces. Paulson Aces are manufactured using a heavier, high-grade paper stock and offers superior snap, feel and durability. Also on hand, will be the full line of  its Gemaco brand of playing cards which includes both paper and plastic card types. With a variety of stocks and finishes, the company's card lines provide ideal handling and dealing for all types of table game play.

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