With one of the most exciting product launches since its inception in 2005, Quixant – the market-leading supplier of PC-based gaming platform and display solutions – is excited to introduce a portfolio of products which bring AMD’s cutting-edge Ryzen Embedded APU technology to the global gaming market for the first time. Quixant has selected the new Ryzen Embedded APUs as the heart of a portfolio of three new products: the Quixant X, QMax-2 and QXi-7000. 

The Quixant X represents optimal performance to drive the most demanding, vibrant games.  Combining the Ryzen Embedded APU with the Radeon E9550 and a top of the range feature-set, the Quixant X is the ultimate gaming platform.

The QMax-2 provides an ultra-high performance backplane-compatible solution which also incorporates the RyzenTM Embedded APU, with an optional discrete GPU to boost the already impressive integrated graphics. 

Finally, the QXi-7000 is an all-in-one solution, capable of driving up to four 4K screens and utilising Quixant’s patented fanless enclosure technology to enable passive cooling, without compromising on performance from the Ryzen Embedded APU.

These three new products leverage all the unique benefits of Quixant’s Gaming Ecosystem, which expedites time to market for EGM manufacturers when introducing regulatory compliant Zen-based machines. Advanced features include SAS 6.02 protocol (QxSAS), accelerated playback of multiple video overlays with minimal CPU overhead (QxVDR) and an advanced hardware based tracing tool to speed up game development (QxATS). All these advantages are available at no cost with Quixant gaming platforms.

“The launch of these new products based on AMD’s latest RyzenTM Embedded processors represents a milestone in Quixant’s technology roadmap, not to mention that of gaming as a whole,” said Jon Jayal, chief operating officer of Quixant. “Thanks to our strong partnership with AMD, we are proud to be bringing our purpose-built Zen-based gaming platforms to the gaming market on the same day as AMD launch their chips.  This maximises customer production lifetime, and enables our customers to leverage the latest chip technology today.  We are excited to share the huge benefits of this cutting-edge technology with our customers.”
For further information, visit www.quixant.com