River Rock Casino Resort’s recent Grand Reveal completed a refreshing of its diverse game floor, and Gary Platt Manufacturing, through their exclusive Canadian distributor Bet Rite Inc., provided its chairs for the stunningly beautiful casino renewal. River Rock Casino resort chose Gary Platt’s hand-crafted Monaco and Riva chairs to replace more than 1,000 main gaming slot chairs, 100 high limit slot chairs, and 200 main gaming table chairs.

“Our patrons are pleased with the quality and comfort of the new chairs on the gaming floor,” said Michael Kim, River Rock Casino Resort general manager. 

“Every detail of every chair we create is carefully considered and planned to deliver the ultimate player experience. That attention to detail and experience was extremely important to River Rock Casino, because they wanted to ensure our products would perfectly deliver on the refreshed gaming floor,” said Gary Platt Vice President of Sales and Marketing Joshua Corrick.

Gary Platt’s patent-pending Monaco design features razor-sharp details that bring a new meaning to unsurpassed comfort and deliver a chic sensibility worthy of the name Monaco. The Riva chair conjures images of northern Italy, with it sleek lines, perfect ergonomics and fine details like triple weltless stitched seams, all with Gary Platt’s unsurpassed comfort.