Viakoo, the leader in automated verification of physical security system performance, has released a new whitepaper on the topic of hardening physical security systems against cyber-attacks, titled “Shrinking the Cyberattack Surface by Hardening Physical Security Systems”. The whitepaper covers physical security system vulnerabilities and methods for hardening physical security and establishing sustainable cyber-hygiene.

“Cybersecurity threats are on the minds of many and in the news daily,” said Bud Broomhead, chief executive officer, Viakoo. “It’s important that everyone who runs a physical security system know the danger that is out there and how to harden their security systems against threats.”

Hardening an organization’s physical security system is a good way to reduce the risks from cybercriminals, hacking, phishing, and other cybersecurity threats. Viakoo’s new whitepaper presents recommendations for staff, software, networks and many other pulse points that may pose a risk to an organization.

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