Atrient recently announced that Angela Ahmet has been named vice president of sales. Angela will be responsible for overseeing national and global growth markets.

"As a proven leader in the gaming industry, Angela will be instrumental in expanding our relationships," said Atrient's CEO, Sam Attisha. "Her deep commitment to customer success meshes with our core values at Atrient, we are delighted to have her in a leadership role."

Angela was previously the general manager and vice president of VizExplorer in Las Vegas. Prior, Angela was director of global casino operations at Carnival Corp. and has over 20 years of casino operations experience. This deep understanding of casino operations combined with the proven ability to develop customer success programs makes Angela a natural fit for Atrient’s culture of excellence.

"I started my career with one of the strongest global brands in entertainment, I am excited to be a part of an organization that has the same recognition and reputation in casino gaming”, said Ahmet. "The combination of forward thinking and reliability of product has given Atrient the key role of industry disruptor, and I look forward to contributing to Atrient’s continued excellence in gaming technology."