JCM plans to showcase its products and discuss ways to improve operations at Indian Gaming Tradeshow 2018, where the company will be in booth #429. Leading the show are JCM’s powerful iVIZION and UBA bill validators, which protect tribal revenues with powerful combinations of optical and mechanical bill sensing capabilities, coupled with robust anti-fishing technologies. 

An essential part of the bill validation and drop process is the ICB Intelligent Cash Box system. ICB is field-proven in tribal operations to save hundreds of thousands of dollars each year by streamlining the entire drop process. ICB also increases accuracy by eliminating multiple points of human error. 

Customer connections can be increased when service levels are high, and the GEN5 printer has the speed and memory capacity to quickly provide ticketing, as well as promotional coupon printing. 

Promotional couponing goes floor-wide and targets carded and uncarded players with JCM’s PromoNet system, helping to boost customer connections and increase patron time on property.

While on property, customers can see the graphic capabilities of JCM’s PixelPro MAX line of digital displays. Highly configurable, PixelPro MAX displays deliver an extra wide viewing angle of 160°, with exceptional picture quality driven by proprietary RGB wavelengths for optimum color uniformity

Last, JCM’s FUZION technology can help to provide the ultimate in modern customer connections. When paired with iVIZION and GEN5, FUZION connects to the property’s existing CRM system and has the potential to unleash an incredible range of services including vending and redeeming lottery tickets, vending and redeeming race and sports betting, facilitating Daily Fantasy Sports (DFS) wagering, conducting cross-enterprise promotional couponing for carded and uncarded players and streamlining the tax forms process.

More information, visit www.jcmglobal.com.