This year marks the 21st anniversary of the Top 20 Most Innovative Gaming Technology Products Awards

By way of kismet, there happens to be 21 winners of the 2017 Top 20 Most Innovative Gaming Technology Products Awards, due to a tie for the 20th highest score. The winning products showcase the breadth of technological evolution within the gaming space, featuring advancements such as self-learning artificial intelligence platforms, modernized stepper slot cabinets, consumer-customized bet concepts for gaming machines, virtual player’s cards, cardless player tracking and much, much more. 

A panel of impartial, expert judges evaluated nearly 40 entries from industry vendors showcasing their newest, most innovative products and services to decide the awards. Casino Journal would like to recognize and thank the judges for their valuable time and the diligence of their analysis to come up with this group of top products:

Warren Davidson, slot director, Coushatta Resort

Donne Grable, vice president, gaming operations, VCAT LLC

Claudia Winkler, president, GHI Solutions


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Descriptions of the Top 20 products, written by participants, excerpted by Casino Journal editors and listed alphabetically by company, follow:




STAX from AGS is a groundbreaking table-game progressive side bet unlike any other, featuring multi-level progressive jackpot levels and a Must-Hit pool—all of which drive incremental revenue for casino operators.

This solution, which builds upon the established AGS Bonus Spin product, does not alter gameplay and players with a qualifying hand who wager the side bet have the chance to win the progressive jackpot awards or fixed prizes.

This uniquely customizable innovation in table-game progressive solutions links up to five progressive pools across the gaming floor, setting it apart from other table progressives which typically only offer three progressive pools. It also features a reserve concept for each pool, thus enabling built-up reserves to contribute to reseed values.

Adding up to five levels to the industry norm of three pools enables a single game theme to be both life-changing and, at the same time, deliver smaller, more frequent jackpot awards to keep players in their seats.

The high-level jackpots can reach over $1 million, while the lower-level pools offer higher- frequency hits on the same table. Since all five pools are progressive pays, the player excitement and engagement is higher than a fixed paytable solution.

STAX also offers a significantly unique concept to table-game progressive systems—the ability to incorporate a Must-Hit pool. This concept, which is very familiar to slot players, drives tremendous levels of excitement and anticipation.

“The Must Hit feature creates excitement as players never know when they might be struck by lady luck,” one judge said. “With the capability of creating a life changing $1 million jackpot, STAX should be an instant hit on the gaming floor.”


AnyBet from Ainsworth


AnyBet is a first-of-its-kind, patent-pending technology that offers players the chance to win huge progressive slot jackpots at any bet level. With AnyBet, a player can drop $0.25 into a machine and walk away with $5,000 or wager $0.40 and win more than $10,000.

AnyBet jackpots also have an extremely high hit frequency which helps drive coin in, increase win-per-unit and create player excitement on casino floors.

This brand new, two-level, non-max bet mystery progressive for the Class II slot machine market launched in late 2017. Bingo card technology that is proprietary to Ainsworth awards players a set number of progressive cards based on their bet level. The higher the player bets, the more chances they will have to win the progressive prizes. For example, a minimum bet of $0.25 or $0.30 offers one chance to win, while a max bet of $1.50-$2.00 provides 10 chances to win.

AnyBet games are linked by line count and there are two links available.  The Silver link is for 25-line and 30-line games and has a minor progressive seed of $250 and a major progressive seed of $5,000. The Gold link is for 40-line and 50-line games with the minor seed of $500 and a major seed of $10,000. All the progressive seed and reset amounts are built into the game math so there is no progressive liability on the operator.

Today, AnyBet can be played on more than 60 unique game themes on Ainsworth’s A560, A560SL Noir and A600 cabinets. The links can be installed across multiple cabinet styles, areas of the casino and even separate properties. Plus, the AnyBet Progressive Meter can be displayed on game toppers, in a variety of sign packages or a combination of both.

This product was created at the request of some of the most respected casino operators in the Class II market. It has been engineered to drive increased coin-in and player excitement, while providing a tremendous ROI for casinos of all sizes. In short, AnyBet is geared to bring players to the game. AnyBet drives coin-in by offering a unique proposition in the Class II market: Win a big jackpot at any bet level.   

“AnyBet looks like a good way to add excitement to any Class II floor,” one judge said. “Mystery jackpots have been successful for many years in Class III gaming so bringing it to Class II seems like a good idea.”


Drinks on Tap from Aristocrat Technologies


For decades, slot players have ordered drinks by diverting their attention from the game, scanning the floor for a server, placing an order and then waiting. So operators came to Aristocrat with a challenge—streamline the drink-ordering process to help improve customer service to both carded and uncarded players. The result of the challenge is Aristocrat’s innovative Drinks on Tap, a beverage ordering system designed to improve customer service while increasing efficiencies across the casino floor.

Because Drinks on Tap takes full advantage of today’s technology, it is the next level of customer connectivity. Drinks on Tap improves the casino’s ability to service slot players by enabling them to order beverages directly from the electronic gaming machine (EGM) to the service bars, where the system is fully integrated with the existing POS system. This innovation eliminates the archaic method of customers flagging down cocktail servers or the frustration of being tied to their slot machines until their drink arrives. Drinks on Tap allows carded players to order drinks, pay for beverages, change machines and even tip their servers directly from the EGM. Also, when carded players place their orders, they are free to move around the floor to any game, where the system will update and communicate to the staff of their new location. In addition, bartenders can easily recognize top tier players and service them with the highest level of priority.

“This is a great product,” according to one judge. “Poor drink service is the number one complaint on casino floors that can actually be eliminated with the proper use and support of a product like Drinks on Tap.”

Game of Thrones Fire and Blood Slot Game- ARISTOCRAT TECHNOLOGIES

Game of Thrones Fire and Blood Slot Game from Aristocrat Technologies


The royally successful Game of Thrones slot game is back in an all-new version created specifically for Aristocrat’s new flame55 cabinet.

The new game, Game of Thrones Fire & Blood, is based on seasons four, five and six of HBO’s hit TV show and includes amazing new characters, a new multi-site progressive and all-new exciting game play. Game of Thrones Fire and Blood is a Reel Power game, offering up to 5,400 ways to win. The base game offers three different Dragon bonuses and a gateway bonus that triggers two main game bonuses.

The innovative game play in Game of Thrones Fire and Blood is driven by the pioneering design of Aristocrat’s flame55 cabinet. The flame55 experience begins with its tall 55-inch double-curved HD monitor—the largest portrait double-curved display in the non-jumbo segment—that provides a striking view of game play, and eliminates monitor lines that are prevalent in many dual screen cabinets. Measuring approximately 7 feet, 5 inches high and 29 inches wide, flame55 delivers an ultra-large yet non-jumbo experience that fits into a standard gaming space. flame55 stands tall on the floor, broadcasting content to players.  Ergonomically engineered, every aspect of flame55 is designed to provide a superior gaming experience. Its 4k-capable display delivers graphics that emanate radiant images with a full spectrum of color to provide crisp and ultra-clear animations for emollient play.

“Aristocrat has really created an exciting machine with great visuals that will stand out and get noticed on the casino floor,” a judge said.


RELM XL from Aristocrat Technologies


Aristocrat, working in concert with the mechanical reel experts at VGT, created the landmark RELM XL cabinet, ushering in a new dimension in gaming.

RELM XL is a meticulously crafted stepper cabinet that seamlessly harkens back to a Sinatra-era. RELM XL also brings reel spinning life to the industry’s most popular titles for the first time with a modern appeal. Standing an impressive 9.5 feet tall, RELM XL features an eye-catching mechanical wheel topper. RELM XL drives innovation with a unique 43-inch J-Curved monitor with full touchscreen capabilities, large classic reel symbols, traditional wheel plex, stereo sound and vibrant LED edge lighting. RELM XL games are featured in a three or five mechanical reel set configuration for high, middle, and low denomination placements, and features an industry first with bulging reel sets. And to add to the retro playing experience, RELM XL houses a physical bell that celebrates big wins.

RELM XL was built from the ground up with the deliberate goal of bringing needed innovation to the classic-style stepper space. The cabinet is supremely easy for players to use. Its stylish mechanical button deck and classic stick shift style arm give any player easy options for maximum fun and enjoyment. Additionally, RELM XL brings three of the biggest video reel titles on the planet to the stepper world for the first time, including top-ranked Buffalo and chart-topping Britney with core stepper math reel-spinning players expect.

“Aristocrat is reentering the mechanical reel space guns a blazing,” commented one judge. “All their best elements rolled into one box should make for a very successful product.”

PlayMaker- DUETTO

PlayMaker from Duetto


PlayMaker is the first cloud application to bring modern e-commerce to the gaming industry, enabling casinos and integrated resorts to bring true personalization to the customer’s booking experience.

The app integrates with a casino’s back-end technology stack and incorporates comprehensive data on both known guests and unknown consumers, including customer value (ADT or otherwise), demographic information, past-stay history and third-party analytics. PlayMaker takes that data and makes intuitive pricing and merchandising recommendations, allowing a casino to serve up the most relevant room types, packages, offers and up-sells—all in order to increase booking conversion, build customer loyalty and, ultimately, drive more revenue.

The real-time nature of PlayMaker is what finally brings a contemporary e-commerce experience to casinos’ digital marketing and distribution. The individualized prices and merchandising (room types, upgrades, and packages) are served up to the consumer in the run-time path on the property’s direct-booking channels, at the moment he or she is searching for accommodations and offers. The app learns from every “play” it runs, and when the casino revenue manager A/B tests each new tailored offer, they are better able to refine and deploy strategies that engage customers and produce optimal revenue and profit.

“The PlayMaker solution looks like a great tool to ensure that players are offered appealing room choices within their means,” a judge said. “This simplifies the booking process and saves the guest valuable time.”


Easy Jack from Easy Jack LLC


Easy Jack is, essentially, one card blackjack. It is a less intimidating table game for novice players, while still maintaining much of the excitement found in blackjack.

Using standard playing cards, all card values are the same as in blackjack (face cards worth 10, aces worth 1 or 11).  Players are dealt one card face up, the dealer is dealt one card face down. The goal of Easy Jack is to get closer to 11 than the dealer. Players may “stay” with the first card they’re dealt, or choose to “hit” by taking additional card(s) until content with their total, or until they “bust” (go over 11). The dealer must hit with a total of 6 or less and “stay” with a total of 7 or more. An ace dealt as the first card is a “Natural 11.” A Natural 11 beats all other hands and pays 3:2 or 6:5.

“Dealer Bust” is the optional side wager offered with Easy Jack. It pays when the dealer busts, going up in payout as the number of cards in the dealer’s busted hand goes up.

Easy Jack is easier to learn, deals more hands per hour, and is less vulnerable to advantage play than blackjack. It capitalizes on the concept of velocity, the speed at which money moves. Very few table games come close to the number of hands per hour that Easy Jack can produce.

“I love the ease of understanding and simplicity of dealing the game,” one judge said. “It naturally increases hands per hour without it being overly noticeable to the player. The side bet is a table win version which can create comradery amongst the players.”


REACH 30 from Engaged Nation


Digital marketing and engagement has become one of the more challenging functions faced by casino operators today—especially when it comes to being relevant to daily operations and meaningful to their financial success on an ongoing basis.

That is where Engaged Nation’s REACH 30 comes in. The innovative platform is wholly different from other one-off programs available today. The system is based on generating continuous engagement that not only breaks through the clutter, but converts online traffic into revenue generating property visits on an ongoing, profitable basis—a long-elusive goal for casino operators.

This age of digital disruption can be either a blessing or a curse for operators depending on what strategies they employ in an ever-changing environment. Reach and frequency alone are simply not enough to spur continuous engagement and connection to a brand. Engaged Nation’s proprietary REACH 30 transcends the “old methods” of digital engagement by generating meaningful long-term engagement.

In the past year since its introduction, REACH 30 has set a new bar for player engagement and profitability. At the heart of the system is gamified marketing. Gamification is a term that describes the use of games and game mechanics to create customer loyalty and involvement. When configured to align with a company’s goals, gamification is an incredibly effective and unique tool in the general marketplace.  

REACH 30 drives players from online to the property, back to online, and back to the property in a continuous cycle of engagement.

“Mobile device usage among casino visitors continues to increase and keeping guests engaged with the property drives loyalty which, in turn, drives revenue,” a judge said. “The REACH 30 product looks like a great tool to keep players engaged with your brand.”

Everi Bet 2.0- EVERI

Bet 2.0 from EVERI


Everi Bet 2.0 is the latest extension of Everi Bet 1.0 functionality.

With Everi Bet1.0, operators gained the ability to customize the bet offering to players by selecting minimum and maximum bets independent of the line configurations. They could also adjust the bet steps presented on the bet panel. However, operators have continually expressed a desire to increase average wagers and reward players for higher bets. Everi Bet 2.0 does just that… increasing the configurable options for the operator to now assign individual payback or return to player (RTP) to each bet step. This feature will incentivize players to bet up from minimum wagers and receive better rewards through a more favorable paytable and RTP based on the higher wager.

Everi Bet 2.0 incentivizes players to increase their wagers to receive more favorable awards. The payback percentage will always be strictly increasing or equal to previous bet as the player increases their bet. Everi Bet 2.0 now gives the operator the ability to reward low-denomination product players who increase their wagers in line with medium- or high-denomination play with better RTP. For example, the penny player who is wagering at $2.00 can now benefit over players wagering at $0.50.

“Everi Bet 2.0 should be the wave of the future for all manufactures,” a judge said. “As denom becomes less of a factor for players, they need to know playing more credits on a penny denom is beneficial to them.”

Everi Cares Giving Module- EVERI

Everi Cares Giving Module from EVERI


The Everi Cares Giving Module is the first, and only, charitable giving option available during ticket redemption in the gaming industry.

The module is not only an innovative way to support philanthropic efforts on properties, it also reduces the cost and burden of coin handling on the floor. Adding the convenient Everi Cares Giving Module to a full-service Everi kiosk creates an opportunity for players to donate funds to select charities while redeeming gaming tickets.

When an Everi full-service kiosk is equipped with the Everi Cares Giving Module, the standard voucher redemption flow is modified. After a voucher is inserted, accepted and fully redeemed, gaming patrons are asked if they would like to donate to charity. The available charities are selected by, and may be unique to, each property and are chosen from a fully vetted list of Everi Cares charities.

With the Giving Module, casinos can give back to their communities, enhance corporate responsibility programs, and better engage patrons who are interested in donating funds to charity. The Giving Module is now available on more than 159 kiosks at properties across the U.S. In the first two months of 2018, the Giving Module has facilitated donations of $25,000 to eleven charities in Nevada, New Mexico and Oklahoma.

“The ease of use is the best feature of Everi Cares,” one judge said. “A player can simply select the charity of his/her choice while cashing in TITO tickets.”


Gaming from Gaming Analytics Solutions


Gaming is the industry’s first self-learning, artificial intelligence platform. It combines search and analytics into a single product. It enables gaming operators to make better decisions instead of spending time gathering data and trying to learn complicated report generators. It is easy to use and makes revolutionary knowledge accessible across the enterprise.

  • With the help of natural language processing, artificial intelligence and machine learning, Gaming can understand the intent and the context of the business questions the user poses and provides context-aware, actionable insights and real recommendations.
  • The insights engine of Gaming can automatically find hidden patterns in data and alert the operator to take timely actions.
  • A state-of-the-art recommendations engine provides information on machine moves, swaps, configuration changes, theme changes and even designate the players deserving of more, or less, investment. An operator needs only to follow the recommendations suggested by the Gaming platform to improve business profitability.
  • An adaptive learning module is dynamic and always evolving with each user who interacts with the system. In other words, it is “self-learning.”  This user interface (UI) provides the most important information to that particular user. Say goodbye to static pages and welcome a self-learning, dynamic user interface that simply makes your job easier.
  • The system is flexible (working with all major slot systems and data warehouses) and can exist in commercial clouds or “on premise.”

This product encompasses all these innovative features while still supplying the basic standard reports of competing analytical solutions.  Better yet, with artificial intelligence built-in, the system improves itself minute-by-minute learning what works and what doesn’t in unique gaming environments.

“The Gaming Analytics product is truly innovative and represents the future of slot machine performance analysis,” a judge said. “This product has amazing potential and with self-learning AI it should continue to improve with use.”

Lucky’s Quest- IGT

Lucky's Quest from IGT


IGT’s Lucky’s Quest is the first cross-channel skill-based game to share monetary and non-monetary rewards across devices. It can be deployed either for-wager on a slot machine and on a mobile device, or in free-to-play mode anytime, anywhere.

Lucky’s Quest is a puzzle game, where players drag their fingers across on-screen symbols to create the longest string of matching symbols that they can to collect credits, advance in the game, collect dragons, upgrade their powers and unlock new levels. The game features a map-based progression narrative, staring a cast of characters including a dragon named Lucky. Lucky is accompanied by a “cast” of other animated characters that appear in various parts throughout the game, and help players through the game’s 175 levels of adventure. Players can play a social version of the game at home for free to learn the game, unlock new content and earn crystals that can all be saved in IGT’s PlayFar system.

“The ability to cross platforms makes Lucky Quest a unique product that plays exactly the same no matter what the platform,” said one judge. “Players typically expect a slot derivative of their favorite game will be pleasantly surprised to get the same exact experience.”

Another judge saw the game as a productive way to assess the potential of skill games: “Now is a perfect time to see if skill based slot revenue on the casino floor can be increased through social gaming. Keeping players engaged with the theme whether they are on the casino floor or at home is the best feature of Lucky’s Quest.”

Continuity Program- IMAGINE THIS INC.

Continuity Program from Imagine This, Inc.


The Imagine This Continuity Program is a turnkey casino promotional program that uses a proprietary, computerized data analysis tool to prepare pro- and post-formas to predict revenue lift, associated expenses and validate the results once completed. In addition to its predictive analysis capabilities, Imagine This continuously feeds in non-proprietary program data to optimize its product offering so casinos can make “evidence-based” decisions, rather than going with what their “gut” tells them. Since its inception, the Imagine This Continuity Program has helped tribal and commercial casinos generate an estimated $2 billion in incremental net profit, the company said.

The Imagine This Continuity Program was introduced to the casino industry as a simple collectible gift promotional concept in 2005. Since then, it has evolved into a data-driven turnkey program that offers a promotion that aims to ensure that every participant walks away with a high quality, high perceived value gift. The program can be executed monthly and requires no deposits or upfront costs; operators pay for the program once it ends paying for only what they use.

“Having first-hand experience with this program I can easily recommend it to others,” said one judge. “It is a powerful tool to drive incremental revenue with great efficiency. The program pushes the limits of merchandise giveaways by leveraging the psychological need to acquire a full set of gifts. The gifts have a high perceived value at a reasonable cost.”


Infinity V55 from Incredible Technologies


The Infinity V55 Cabinet is the largest for-sale cabinet in the casino gaming industry. The 55-inch vertical 4K monitor is fully-touchscreen, and the edge-to-edge display is bright and compelling, giving it the ability to attract patrons from across the casino floor. The Infinity V55’s games and hardware underwent a successful beta launch period beginning in August 2017, resulting in initial performance indexes of upwards of 3-4X that have been maintained as of December 2017, the company said.

The new Infinity core form factor utilizes an Infinity U23 base, creating the largest screen on a core cabinet in the industry. The V55 monitor was custom created specifically for IT to be multi-touch capable from the top to the bottom with the ability to register up to 10 touches at once. This capability ensures all 55 inches are interactive and responsive during game play. A key distinguishing point for the cabinet is that its impressive screen size does not impact its overall footprint. It can be placed on a standard 28-inch base in numerous configurations including carousels and triangles for easy placement around unsightly poles.

“The latest 4K monitor is a plus, and the fact that while it appears to be a very large game, it doesn’t take up much real estate,” said one judge.

“Impressive and bright graphics displayed on a huge 55-inch monitor really gives these games the wow factor,” said another judge. “I have witnessed their incredible performance first hand and the fact that they fit on a standard base is icing on the cake.”


SureScore from Iovation


SureScore is a cloud-based solution that analyzes device, transaction, contextual and behavioral indicators, enabling operators to predict in real-time if a transaction can be trusted or will eventually become fraudulent. Using this intelligence, operators can offer additional incentives to their best customers, block fraudsters at log-in, and prioritize manual review queues to bring new efficiencies to their operations.

The higher the score, the more likely the current user action will be regarded as trustworthy. The lower the score, the greater the risk. This score is generated in milliseconds and can be integrated into an operator’s rule engine to inform a variety of actions. For instance, depending on the thresholds set by the operator, a lower score might trigger an outright deny or require an additional step-up factor of authentication whereas a score at the top end of the spectrum could be configured to dynamically offer a bonus or another pre-defined incentive.

“The efficiency through automation is the best feature of the SureScore product and the flexibility of setting different thresholds allows operators to define their own level of risk,” said one judge. “SureScore is able to let VIP customers skip over onerous security controls which lessens the risk of losing the customer while simultaneously rejecting high risk players.”


GT Connect from Jack Entertainment


GT Connect was developed when JACK Entertainment team members identified two issues that were inconvenient to guests: they had to leave the slot machine to charge their phone and they had to carry a physical player’s card with them.

After conducting research, the team realized that the answer they needed was not available in the gaming market and decided to develop their own solution and become the first in the market to introduce it. JACK’s portfolio property Greektown Casino-Hotel installed GT Connect in every game across its casino floor in January 2017. The technology is also currently being rolled out at JACK Cleveland Casino and JACK Cincinnati Casino in Ohio.

When used with a Virtual Player’s Card, provided by the Greektown/ClubJACK Mobile App, GT Connect eliminates the need for a traditional player’s card and provides a convenient way for guests to charge their mobile device using any USB cord while playing their favorite slot machine. The GT Connect solution can be utilized in all game manufacturers’ devices across the entire floor, unlike any other solution in the market, and the Virtual Players Card can be used at all guest touch points on and off the casino floor. Guests can also earn rewards at table games by scanning their Virtual Player’s Card.

In addition to serving as a Virtual Players Card, the Greektown/ClubJACK App features exclusive app-only promotions, comps and free play bonuses. The app also allows guests to request their vehicles from valet, redeem comps at restaurants, access offers on the go and more.

“The best features are reducing the need for printed club cards while giving players a place to charge their mobile devices,” said one judge. “More and more people are carrying smart phones every day and most people keep close track of them. Casino club cards are often lost or misplaced causing additional cost and guest service issues.”

“I would absolutely recommend this product to my clients,” raved another judge. “It is innovative. Others have tried to copy it—but this one works the best.”


Fortune Cup from Konami Gaming


Over the years, mechanical horse racing games have become a beloved classic for many casino players but a challenge for operators struggling to keep antiquated machines serviced and maintained. Fortune Cup offers a level of mechanical and software ingenuity that advances this product sector, adding entertainment value by combining a mechanical track with real-time digital video animation.

Advanced engineering allows the mechanical horses to move flexibly across the track—passing one another and crisscrossing formations with dynamic speeds. The race course is also programmed to change directions and finish line locations so guests on both sides of the machine have a chance to enjoy a close-up on the action. A proprietary cross-platform game engine produces real-time digital renderings of race events, depicted much like live sports coverage. The actions of the horses on the track are mirrored in real-time by the digital footage, which is broadcast across Fortune Cup’s 65-inch LCD display as well as individual betting terminals.

Fortune Cup consists of 10 total betting stations around a mechanical horse track, with the option to add a total of 100 stations for a stadium configuration or satellite betting from other key locations at the property (such as a bar, lounge or other on-site area). Each betting station is equipped with a 27-inch HD touchscreen, which provides the primary interface for players to manage their bet placement, discover their outcome and view data on recent races and individual horses.

“This could be a hit with players who miss the older mechanical horse racing games that have become so rare,” said one judge. “The best feature is that the horses are free to move in crisscrossing formations rather than the fixed path on the older machines.”


Tap-On/Tap-Off from Konami Gaming


Tap-On/Tap-Off is a cardless player tracking innovation of Konami’s SYNKROS casino management system that enables casino players using a variety of secure methods to replace a traditional player loyalty card at the electronic gaming machine (EGM), including their personal mobile device, fobs, a room key and more. It helps open up more opportunities for players to connect and engage with property loyalty programs by combing near field communication (NFC) and radio frequency identification (RFID) through a card reader. Tap-On/Tap-Off provides multi-channel solutions to reach more players using the technology conveniences already interlaced through their daily life and the guest experience.

For mobile cardless connection, players can simply tap their personal smartphone device at the zone of the card reader bezel. The card reader changes color to indicate blue for inactive/uncarded connection, green for successful active connection and red for misread/failed connection. Once players tap-on a successful connection to their account, it remains active until their phone leaves the direct area of the machine or until they tap-off to disconnect.

“Any product that can increase service and efficiency is a welcome addition and Tap-On/Tap-Off is a great example,” said one judge.

Lightning Launch Roulette- SCIENTIFIC GAMES

Lightning Launch Roulette from Scientific Games


Lightning Launch Roulette, which is played on the PRIZM GameTable 65-inch, 4k touchscreen display, brings interactivity to traditional roulette.

Bets are placed at each player’s seat, while a betting clock prompts players to enter their wagers. As the clock reaches zero, each player is given a launch button to propel their colored roulette ball into the virtual wheel. While the players await the result of their own ball, they are also able to make plays on all four balls in play by betting the Bonus chip. This chip can be placed on any and up to all of the straight-up numbers, allowing players the chance to win if any colored ball lands where a bonus chip is placed. If more than one ball lands on a number with a bonus bet, the prizes increase up to either $10,000 or $25,000 depending on the paytable selected by the casino. Additionally, players have the opportunity to not only bet on their own roulette ball, but they can bet on up to all 38 straight numbers to get action on any or all of the four balls in play.

Lightning Launch carries the usual house advantage of a standard roulette game. The bonus wager brings added excitement and a social experience to every spin, and since it has a house advantage more than double that of the regular roulette wagers, operators will see an extra uptick in the hold of the game. The game’s ball launch mechanic, immersive graphics, and win animations bring players together, increasing time on the device.

“The sleek design of the unit combined with the player controlled ball launch are the best features of Lightning Launch Roulette,” commented one judge.


TwinStar V75 from Scientific Games


Scientific Games’ new TwinStar V75 cabinet features a 75-inch, 4K resolution, ultra-high-definition, curved display. The unique curvature of the monitor allows for better usability of this large format display by increasing visibility of upper display elements, and provides a more comfortable viewing experience for players. The wide-body cabinet has extensive legroom and a footrest, providing comfort for long-term play; a large iDeck interface with integrated, large left and right smash buttons; and a USB power plug for charging mobile devices.

Scientific Games designed a simple three-piece assembly of the TwinStar V75 allowing for easy transportation, installation and servicing with no specialty tools or heavy lifting required. Also, despite its size, “the V75 takes up less real estate than other competitive products,” according to one judge, who also noted the cabinet’s “dazzling graphics.”

Another judge praised the cabinet’s user-friendly player and operator features: “I love the large smash buttons on both sides making it easy for two players to enjoy the experience without reaching over each other. Technicians will appreciate the built in hoist for the monitor as well.”


Zero Rings from Wilkin Marketing


Zero Rings is a player development tool that allows for a very easy user interface and can be launched within a 24 hour period. The software offers the option of a personal dashboard to launch campaigns and monitor results in real time with ROI reporting capabilities.

Additionally, when combined with various marketing initiatives such as direct mail, e-mail and digital advertising, Zero Rings can significantly increase response rates for targeted audiences such as VIP and loyalty members. Using an easy-to-load efficient dashboard, marketers can input data; load a personalized message; and either schedule or hit send. It’s a quick way to compliment any campaign or fill an event. The Zero Rings dashboard also gives the user access to a PBX number, which rings back to any number provided, giving users the ability to record all the callbacks that come in from a campaign, which is valuable both as a customer service training tool as well as for follow-ups.

“Zero Rings is a great idea, allowing the casino to automate a personalized greeting or invitation and deliver it in a new and unobtrusive way,” said one judge.