VizExplorer announced that it has signed an agreement to deploy its packaged operational intelligence solutions at Native Lights Casino and Tonkawa Hotel & Casino, operated by the Tonkawa Tribe of Oklahoma. Between the two casino properties, the tribe oversees more than 1,000 slot machines on nearly 44,000 square feet of gaming space. Seeking to optimize profitability at each casino, Tonkawa selected VizExplorer’s packaged solution to deliver a core set of functionality intended to optimize gaming operations, manage marketing campaigns and improve player development efforts.

“We are excited to have a complete enterprise analytics suite scaled to the size of our operation that includes floorViz, campaignViz and hostViz, and look forward to the impact of these solutions on our overall efficiency and profitability,” said Russell Martin, president of Tonkawa Tribe of Oklahoma.

“VizExplorer has made its mark on gaming in Oklahoma across large and small casinos and we look forward to proving the power of our solution at the Tonkawa Tribe’s gaming properties as well,” said VizExplorer’s Peggy Rogers, vice president of sales - Central Region.

The agreement was handled by VizExplorer reseller Game Changing Technologies, a provider of licensing and consulting services to companies doing business in the casino industry.