Cummins Allison recently announced its release of ticket imaging on their new JetScan MPX 8200 multi-pocket currency and ticket sorter. This now makes the solution the only multi-pocket sorter that processes mixed cash and tickets, while reading and imaging each ticket, all in a single pass at 1,200 documents per minute.

“Ticket imaging is another unique element of the new JetScan MPX 8200,” said Frank Janezic, executive vice president, Cummins Allison. “Many casinos see the value in imaging tickets and quickly discarding them rather than incurring the expenses of handling and unnecessary storage fees. This provides properties with savings that can increase profits.

“The JetScan MPX 8200 is a comprehensive cash and ticket processing system that customers rely on for their operations. No other system can provide the capabilities and productivity at this price point. This creates value that only Cummins Allison can offer and allows properties to increase the bottom line further.”

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