Agilysys, Inc. recently announced general availability of the latest version of Eatec, the company’s comprehensive inventory and procurement solution. Eatec v3.7.4 includes a simplified installation process along with improvements to Eatec Pocket, Eatec Client and Eatec Web.

Eatec is a full-featured inventory, procurement and production system designed specifically for the hospitality and foodservice industries. Along with its core purchasing, inventory, recipe, forecasting, production and sales analysis functions, Eatec also offers modules for catering, cycle planning, retail management, nutrition and allergens. The modular structure allows hospitality and foodservice operators to construct the exact set of features they need — whether it is an enterprise-wide solution for multiple sites or a single-site system for multiple functions. Eatec is available as an on-premise solution or through a subscription service.

The new Eatec version brings several enhancements to the core functionality as well as to the additional modules. With these enhancements, hospitality and foodservice operators will also have the ability to choose between pre-defined editions of the system, making the solution more tailored to address specific needs. New property operators can choose between a Standard, Professional or Enterprise solution, with an installation process that will significantly simplify and reduce the cost of installation, implementation and employee training.

A number of other enhancements featured in the new Eatec v3.7.4, include:

  • Improved integration with InfoGenesis POS for better price management and item cost data
  • Simplified and improved process for physical inventory counts in Eatec Pocket and Eatec Client solutions
  • Ability to import Eatec setups
  • Requisition and transfer functionality in Eatec Web solution

“A powerful inventory management system that also integrates well with the POS is ideal for operators looking to reduce waste, optimize inventory and increase profitability,” said Dylan Cook, program manager at Agilysys. “With Eatec’s modular structure and simple user interface, property operators can gain better control of their inventory and procurement and make more intelligent purchasing decisions. Based on customer feedback, we have made key enhancements to the functionality in this latest version and we’re excited to bring it to market.”

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