Engaged Nation recently announced its redesigned and enhanced $2 Million Pro Football Frenzy online sports program that leverages the entire professional football season to drive customer acquisition, engagement, and bottom-line revenue. The revamps are meticulously designed to further engage customers as they complete playoff brackets and other­ fun activities, all the way up to the Big Game. As with all of Engaged Nation’s gamified marketing platforms, Pro Football Frenzy uses proven incentive psychology strategies to acquire new customers or reactivate dormant ones.

“We’ve upgraded this interactive promotion to capitalize on our growing national obsession with professional football and the ever-popular fantasy sports market,” said Jerry Epstein, CEO of Engaged Nation. “This is more relevant than ever given the recent Supreme Court ruling. Our program gives a casino the ability to be at the forefront of this explosive opportunity—even before sports betting is legalized in most states. We know these players—from millennials to baby boomers—will align with some gaming leader. It will all come down to who will capture them first.”

The 2018 campaign will feature a million-dollar jackpot for picking the 225 winners and losers from weekly games, plus an all-star lineup of other fun and engaging activities. In addition to the weekly selection of game winners in the Pigskin Pick ‘Em challenge, the program includes a full array of skill- and luck-based games—such as fantasy-based Pigskin Predictions, trivia, quizzes and the fan favorite Gridiron Grab video game. Gamified e-mails, leaderboards, trophies and a leveling-up component round out this all-star lineup as players engage with a property’s brand 24/7 throughout the 2018 season. Engaged Nation’s patent-pending technology also includes on-property activations of weekly picks, rewards and other incentives that drive incremental profitable visits. 

Pro Football Playoff Frenzy encompasses the same types of games and activities, but adds the fun and excitement of filling out a bracket of winners, including The Big Game. It can be added to the regular season program or purchased as a standalone, making it incredibly versatile for any property, regardless of size and location.

For more information, visit www.engagednation.com.