GLI is using its years of sports-betting expertise to help prepare legislators and regulators of sovereign tribal nations, aspiring sports betting operators, software suppliers, and U.S. states to effectively implement and regulate legal betting on sports across the nation.  GLI’s veteran team of sports-betting experts are helping clients and customers craft a winning sports-betting strategy in this post-PASPA era. Additionally, GLI provides training and workshops to better understand sports betting through its GLI University.

“With this window of opportunity presenting itself for the first time to the industry domestically, our team of more than 75 dedicated technical compliance, regulatory service, and supplier services staff have spent more than a year working with industry stakeholders to help prepare our customers by pulling from our deep pool of experience in sports/event wagering across global markets in Australia, Europe, Africa, Latin America, Canada, and the United States (Nevada)," said James Maida, GLI president/CEO. "They are experts across the various elements, including betting integrity systems, IBIS, and geolocation.”

GLI’s testing assures online event wagers comply with appointed jurisdictional technical standards and best practices. They ensure wagers are accepted in a fair and secure manner so that resultant betting outcomes are in accordance with pre-specified rules. Additionally, GLI’s testing assures all wagers placed are correctly resolved and paid based on the correct odds and rules corresponding to the game or event. Moreover, this testing ensures appropriate mechanisms and controls are in place for adherence to technical requirements associated with the handling of wager disruptions and cancellations, abandoned events, and refunds.

In addition, GLI compares the front-end activity with back-end results and confirms that a complete and accurate log of transactions, performance and payments are available upon request from the system for regulatory, taxation, player dispute, or other purposes.

“Whether you are a legislator, regulator, operator or product developer, GLI is available at your convenience to share insights on this landmark SCOTUS ruling repealing PASPA, and to offer information and solutions needed to ensure you and your staff are prepared for what is sure to be a formative period in the U.S. gaming industry,” siad Salim Adatia, GLI’s vice president of iGaming.

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