JACK Entertainment headed the list of winners of Casino Journal’s Top 20 Most Innovative Gaming Technology Products  of 2017, beating out Incredible Technologies’ Infinity V55 Cabinet and Gaming Analitics.ai from Gaming Analytics for the honor.

The platinum, gold, and silver award recipients were announced during the National Indian Gaming Association Tradeshow & Convention held last month in Las Vegas.

JACK Entertainment’s GT Connect solution, which eliminates the need for a traditional player’s card and provides a convenient way for guests to charge their mobile device while playing a slot machine, received the first-place platinum award in the judged contest.

Incredible Technologies received the gold award for its Infinity V55 cabinet, which features a 55-inch vertical 4K monitor that is fully-touchscreen with a bright and compelling edge-to-edge display, giving it the ability to attract patrons from across the casino floor.

The silver went to Gaming Analytics for Gaming Analytics.ai, the industry’s first self-learning, artificial intelligence platform that enables gaming operators to make better business decisions.

The platinum, gold and silver winners received the three highest scores of nearly 40 submitted products in the annual contest, which was judged by Warren Davidson, slot director, Coushatta Resort; Donne Grable, vice president, gaming operations, VCAT; and Claudia Winkler, president, G.H.I. Solutions.

The full Top 20 list of designated products was announced in March and written up in the April issue of Casino Journal; a recap description of the winning entries is provided below:

PLATINUM AWARD- GT Connect from JACK Entertainment

GT Connect from JACK Entertainment

GT Connect was developed when JACK Entertainment team members identified two issues that were inconvenient to guests: they had to leave the slot machine to charge their phones and they had to carry physical players’ cards with them.

After conducting research, the team realized that the answer they needed was not available in the gaming market and decided to develop their own solution and become the first in the market to introduce it. JACK’s portfolio property Greektown Casino-Hotel installed GT Connect in every game across its casino floor in January 2017. The technology is also currently being rolled out at JACK Cleveland Casino and JACK Cincinnati Casino in Ohio.

When used with a Virtual Player’s Card, provided by the Greektown/ClubJACK Mobile App, GT Connect eliminates the need for a traditional player’s card and provides a convenient way for guests to charge their mobile device using any USB cord while playing their favorite slot machine. The GT Connect solution can be utilized in all game manufacturers’ devices across the entire floor, unlike any other solution in the market, and the Virtual Players Card can be used at all guest touch points on and off the casino floor. Guests can also earn rewards at table games by scanning their Virtual Player’s Card.

In addition to serving as a Virtual Players Card, the Greektown/ClubJACK App features exclusive app-only promotions, comps and free play bonuses. The app also allows guests to request their vehicles from valet, redeem comps at restaurants, access offers on the go and more.

“The best features are reducing the need for printed club cards while giving players a place to charge their mobile devices,” said one judge. “More and more people are carrying smart phones every day and most people keep close track of them. Casino club cards are often lost or misplaced causing additional cost and guest service issues.”

“I would absolutely recommend this product to my clients,” raved another judge. “It is innovative. Others have tried to copy it—but this one works the best.”

GOLD AWARD- Infinity V55 Cabinet from Incredible Technologies

Infinity V55 Cabinet from Incredible Technologies

The Infinity V55 Cabinet is the largest for-sale cabinet in the casino gaming industry. The 55-inch vertical 4K monitor is fully-touchscreen, and the edge-to-edge display is bright and compelling, giving it the ability to attract patrons from across the casino floor. The Infinity V55’s games and hardware underwent a successful beta launch period beginning in August 2017, resulting in initial performance indexes of upwards of 3-4X that have been maintained as of December 2017, the company said.

The new Infinity core form factor utilizes an Infinity U23 base, creating the largest screen on a core cabinet in the industry. The V55 monitor was custom created specifically for IT to be multi-touch capable from the top to the bottom with the ability to register up to 10 touches at once. This capability ensures all 55 inches are interactive and responsive during game play. A key distinguishing point for the cabinet is that its impressive screen size does not impact its overall footprint. It can be placed on a standard 28-inch base in numerous configurations including carousels and triangles for easy placement around unsightly poles.

“The latest 4K monitor is a plus, and the fact that while it appears to be a very large game, it doesn’t take up much real estate,” said one judge.

“Impressive and bright graphics displayed on a huge 55-inch monitor really gives these games the wow factor,” said another judge. “I have witnessed their incredible performance first hand and the fact that they fit on a standard base is icing on the cake.”

SILVER AWARD- Gaming Analytics.ai from Gaming Analytics

Gaming Analytics.ai from Gaming Analytics

Gaming Analytics.ai is the industry’s first self-learning, artificial intelligence platform. It combines search and analytics into a single product. It enables gaming operators to make better decisions instead of spending time gathering data and trying to learn complicated report generators.

It is easy to use and makes revolutionary knowledge accessible across the enterprise.

  • With the help of natural language processing, artificial intelligence and machine learning, Gaming Analytics.ai can understand the intent and the context of the business questions the user poses and provides context-aware, actionable insights and real recommendations.
  • The insights engine of Gaming Analytics.ai can automatically find hidden patterns in data and alert the operator to take timely actions.
  • A state-of-the-art recommendations engine provides information on machine moves, swaps, configuration changes, theme changes and even designate the players deserving of more, or less, investment. An operator needs only to follow the recommendations suggested by the Gaming Analytics.ai platform to improve business profitability.
  • An adaptive learning module is dynamic and always evolving with each user who interacts with the system. In other words, it is “self-learning.” This user interface (UI) provides the most important information to that particular user. Say goodbye to static pages and welcome a self-learning, dynamic user interface that simply makes your job easier.
  • The system is flexible (working with all major slot systems and data warehouses) and can exist in commercial clouds or “on premise.”

This product encompasses all these innovative features while still supplying the basic standard reports of competing analytical solutions. Better yet, with artificial intelligence built-in, the system improves itself minute-by-minute learning what works and what doesn’t in unique gaming environments.

“The Gaming Analytics product is truly innovative and represents the future of slot machine performance analysis,” a judge said. “This product has amazing potential and with self-learning AI it should continue to improve with use.”