Take it from me… weather-wise, July may not the best time of year to be in Las Vegas. I know this may be hard to believe, but it can actually get quite hot in Sin City during the summer; like fry an egg on the hood of your rental car hot, so warm that it feels like you’re stepping into a blast furnace every time you exit an air conditioned space and head into the outside world. I guess what I am trying to say here is that it can get really, really warm...

All kidding aside, it’s worth putting up with any kind of Las Vegas summer weather to attend the 14th annual Casino Marketing & Technology Conference (CMTC) and its sister events, which will be taking place July 16-19 at Caesars Palace Las Vegas (www.casinomarketingconf.com). After all, it’s no secret that marketing has become an ever more important endeavor for modern casino resorts, especially as greenfield development opportunities in untapped gaming markets are now few and far between; which means that in order to stay profitable and grow, gaming operators need to capture more business from existing markets, properties and players. That is a job for marketing departments and the growing number of technologies and devices designed to make this practice more streamlined, cost effective and accretive to the bottom line—hence the need for events such as CMTC.

The week of CMTC events will kick off with the Host Development Conference (HDC), which will convene July 16-17 at Caesars Palace. Sponsored by Raving Consulting, HDC delves deep into sales skills, database management, analytics and the math of player value; takeaway tools attendees can apply as soon as they return to their properties to create advanced host departments, according to press materials.

In addition to HDC, Mobile Experience and Engagement Training (MEET), the industry’s first-ever dedicated mobile technology educational program, will be held to CMTC on July 17 at Caesars Palace. The MEET day is dedicated to mobile implementation and education and will be an experience in and of itself curated host by Darren Withers, an independent consultant who has worked at various casino mobile tech companies for 14 years consulting on SMS, e-mail, mobile apps and digital advertising. MEET will feature panels and speakers from casinos all over the U.S. with a focus on transforming the casino player, guest and employee experience using mobile channels and technology. Session topics include “Marketing & Advertising: How to Leverage the Full Power of Mobile;” “Mobile Apps for Loyalty and Guest Experience;” and “Enhancing Employee Engagement through Mobile.”

CMTC itself will kick off at Caesars Palace with an opening night reception on July 17, followed by two full days of concurrent marketing and technology sessions along with popular features such as the Lifetime Achievement Award Luncheon—which this year will honor Claudia Winkler, president, G.H.I. Solutions—and The Romero Awards: Recognizing Excellence in Casino Marketing. More than 30 casino executives will speak at these sessions, on topics such as “Seeing the Trees in the Forest: Customer Opportunity Analysis in a Competitive Landscape;” “Next Generation Loyalty 360, Marketing Beyond Free Play: How to Bring the ‘Relationship’ Back in to Relationship Marketing;” “Custom Audience Campaigns: How to Make the Most of Facebook’s Targeted Advertising Tool;” and “Data Quality: How to Get it Right and Keep it Clean.”

So as you can see, CMTC is an event well worth attending, and since it is indoors, it’s also a good way to beat the summer heat.