Fort Mason Games' new mobile app Confetti Casino offers free to play Vegas-style slots games. It rewards 100 random players each month with real gift cards in it’s weekly Confetti Cash Giveaway. With a top prize of $250, gift cards winnings could cover a weekend getaway to Las Vegas.   

Each week, 24 players win $10 Walmart gift cards, and one lucky player receives a $250 gift card. Confetti Casino is the only slots game that includes a real prize giveaway via a sweepstakes that anyone can enter. Players can play any of the 15 different slot machines, with themes that range from classic Lucky 7’s three wheel slots, to Tumbling Tikis, Ice Queen and Hot Miami Slots.

The new app encourages players to meet new in-game friends or connect with real world friends by sharing in-app hearts, a social currency which give you additional in-game rewards.