New online game called WAR FIELD takes the “first-person shooter” genre that includes hits like Counter-Strike, Battlefield & Call of Duty, and ups the ante with cryptocurrency you can win from other players. Players use GOLDER (GLDR) – ERC20-compliant, Ethereum-based cryptographic tokens – to stake on their character’s life. Players then compete in deathmatch games. Simply put: the winners get GOLDER from the losers. Once the Token Sale has ended, GOLDER will be fully tradeable on cryptocurrency exchanges, according to WAR FIELD CEO and Creator Andrius Mironovskis. That means players can withdraw and sell what they earn playing WAR FIELD. And there will only be a finite amount of GOLDER that will be fixed forever. The token’s scarcity and utility should ensure an increase in its value.

“WAR FIELD is not about having the best graphics or giving players something entirely new. It’s an exciting, fast-paced online game from the world’s most popular genre that gives everyone a chance to win something real they can later withdraw and sell,” says Mironovskis.

According to Mironovskis, the WAR FIELD first-person shooter is just the beginning for the new company. “Our aim is no less than to create a global blockchain-driven gaming economy that lets video game players fully monetise their skills,” says Mironovskis. “And what could be better than getting paid to play video games? It’s been a gamer’s dream for so long. Here at WAR FIELD, we are making it a reality for everyone, whether expert or casual player, thanks to blockchain technology and a great online game. And we plan to add more games to the Golder Platform in the future.”