The Agua Caliente Casino Resort Spa has added another green initiative to its efforts to further reduce its impact on the environment in southern California by becoming the first hotel property in the Coachella Valley to implement the ORCA Technology, an innovative technology developed by ORCA Digesters, Inc. that turns food waste into water. The application of this system can divert approximately 624 tons of food waste from local landfills per year, thereby reducing the amount of methane gases produced at landfill sites, lowering garbage truck diesel fuel usage, and resulting CO2 emissions. Additionally, the digested food waste can then be used to create renewable energy resources at the local wastewater treatment facilities.

“This innovative technology in food waste processing will allow us to become a leader in the Coachella Valley for recycling our food waste,” said James Stone, Agua Caliente Casino Resort Spa Facilities director. “The ORCA is an outstanding addition to our already successful recycling efforts currently underway.”

“At Agua Caliente we are committed to protecting the environment for our guests, our employees, the Greater Coachella Valley community and the world,” said Saverio “Sal” Scheri III, chief operating officer. “The changes that Jim Stone and his team have implemented have significantly reduced our environmental impact thus far, and we look forward to continuing to take the necessary measures to maintain one of the most environmentally friendly resorts in our region.”

The ORCA is an environmentally friendly alternative solution to the issue of food-waste disposal. The technology can digest up to 2,400 pounds (more than one ton) of food waste per day, and within 24 hours can convert food waste into environmentally safe water that flows straight into the public sewage system. Within the stainless steel container, the ORCA's proprietary, natural Microorganism solution works with water and recycled biochips to quickly break down the waste. Through a process called aerobic digestion, the ORCA technology constantly churns all this material, adding oxygen that accelerates the time it takes to transform the food waste disposal into earth-friendly water.