Atrient kiosk provider


ATRIENT • • CMTC booth number: 110 & 112

Atrient is the leading promotional kiosk provider in North America and offers custom software and hardware solutions developed exclusively for land-based gaming operators. Through its marketing platform, PowerKiosk or PKMS, Atrient creates interactive and inviting promotions that allow patrons to qualify for incentives and rewards. PKMS analyzes patron demographics in real time, enabling an operator to create dynamic prizes that are instantly awarded through kiosks, mobile applications, and slot machine windows.


Raving Consulting


RAVING CONSULTING • • CMTC booth number: 105

Raving is a native-owned, full-service gaming and hospitality resource providing a wide variety of solution services,  including data analysis and management, guest service, advertising, marketing, accounting, leadership, security and surveillance, technology, host and player development, research, online gaming, design and construct and so much more! Raving has produced industry-leading conferences and publications since 1998 including Raving NEXT: Indian Gaming Analytics & Marketing Conference. Keep abreast of industry trends and best practices by subscribing to our weekly report and quarterly magazine.


Rymax Marketing Services, Inc.



Looking to further engage and empower your players?  Seeking ways to attract new players to your casino property? Rymax can help. 

Rymax Marketing Services, Inc., a top provider of player loyalty solutions, has been the industry’s go-topowerhouse for player loyalty and engagement solutions for over 20 years. The company offers an unmatched portfolio of 15,000 products from 400 of the world’s most sought-after brands. Its strategically-crafted, custom-designed programs motivate players of every level, and every generation, and leave everyone feeling like a winner. 

Rymax’s Strategic Interactive Themed Events (R-SITE) excite players through hands-on, exclusive reward experiences that drive ROI and increase repeat play. Each product at these unforgettable, award-winning events is hand-picked, to accurately target and reward players.

Rymax’s fulfillment arm, Brainstorm Logistics, houses and ships reward products from distribution centers, providing quick and efficient order fulfillment. An in-house call center provides customers with real time status updates, providing stellar customer service.

As the industry’s only premium one-stop-shop, Rymax designs, implements and manages all program elements under one roof—including event integration, fulfillment and delivery. The company brings the most in-demand products, customized technology solutions and world-class services to the gaming marketplace.


SCA Gaming


SCA GAMING • • CMTC booth number: 122

SCA Gaming is the most experienced promotion company in the gaming industry. Over the past 22 years, SCA has deployed more than 20,000 promotional events to hundreds of casinos worldwide. Gaming operators utilizing SCA’s promotion and loyalty solutions consistently enjoy measureable increases in ROI, net gains in profitability and benefit enhancements that drive player loyalty. Highly regarded in the industry for its long history of successful large format digital display kiosk promotions, interactive game shows, prize wheels, and web and mobile products, SCA’s development of the GEMS (Guest Engagement Management System) loyalty platform, further defines SCA Gaming as a gaming total solutions partner.




VIZEXPLORER • • CMTC booth number: 116

Founded by a team of data experts, VizExplorer is a highly-differentiated analytics and business intelligence leader, applying design and visualization principles to big data problems. With advanced analytics, data visualization and operational intelligence solutions, VizExplorer makes enterprise data actionable, delivering insights to help businesses optimize their efficiency and profitability.

VizExplorer is a market leader in the casino industry, providing critically important technology products to more than 600 gaming properties across six continents. Since 2013, VizExplorer has experienced more than 65 percent average revenue growth and a 13-fold increase in annual recurring revenue. The company’s products are also being used by sports teams to identify and build audiences for targeted ticket sales and marketing, and in healthcare facilities to track the movement of staff and equipment.

VizExplorer has approximately 150 employees spread across its offices in San Diego, Las Vegas and Wellington, New Zealand.