Snoqualmie Casino announced the appointment of Deron Roberts, a veteran of both the US Army and the FBI, as director of safety and security for the property.

"It’s an honor to join Snoqualmie Casino and bring my experience and knowledge to this new role,” said Roberts. “My number one priority will be to continue to keep our casino safe and secure. I look forward to working closely with the staff to ensure we are properly prepared to respond to and mitigate any situations that arise.”

Roberts’ appointment follows a two-year tenure at manufacturing firm Ingersoll Rand, where he served as the crisis management and security operations manager. From 1996 to 2016, Roberts worked at the FBI, serving in multiple roles in a number of cities, and his areas of responsibility included everything from Russian and Asian organized crime, drug trafficking and money laundering to managing FBI operations in Africa, the UK and Ireland and all FBI criminal investigations in North Carolina. Prior to the FBI, Roberts served as deputy sheriff of Palm Beach County and worked his way up the ranks to sergeant in the US Army.

Roberts also has extensive experience leading teams during large, global spectator events, including both the FIFA World Cup and the Olympics. Roberts served as unit chief of the FBI International Operations Division, in which capacity he dispatched dozens of agents in support of the 2010 FIFA World Cup to identify possible terror threats and provide forward observation at all venues where the US team played. During the 2012 London Olympic and Paralympic Games, while he was serving as the FBI deputy legal attaché for the US Embassy in London, he managed FBI employees in a 24/7 Joint Operations Command Center, as well as FBI analysts who worked in the Threat Integration Center.

“As our number one priority is ensuring the safety of our casino, we are pleased to welcome Deron Roberts as an integral member of our team,” said Brian Decorah, Snoqualmie Casino CEO. “The importance of security at Snoqualmie Casino is of immeasurable value to our patrons, our staff and our community. Deron’s background is unique in that he has extensive experience in the military, the FBI, the police and the private sector, which will suit him well in his new role.”